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Sana Juicer 707 (pearl white)

Great performance, solid construction, and versatility in an iconic design.

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Lifetime warranty
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Gloves for cleaning vegetables

Use to remove dirt and loose skin, rinsing and cleaning carrots, parsley root, turnips, and many other vegetables.

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Recipe Book Sana 727

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Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.


large LED display
high precision weight sensor
also measures the volume of water and milk
switchable between metric and imperial measurements
auto shutoff
touch controls
zero function to deduct container weight
touch to turn on
Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
two-year warranty

Technical specifications

Max. load capacity: 5 kg
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Color: black
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 19 mm
Weight: 500 g
Material: glass and plastic
Warranty: 2 years
You can download the english manual from www.sanaproducts.com

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Extended warranty

Additional one year of warranty for this product.

Increases the warranty length for parts and motor by one year

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Sana Face Mask

Made from heavy duty cotton, the Sana face helps protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne irritants.

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Vacuum Jug (1 liter)

For storing freshly squeezed juices.

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Citroclean cleaner 1l

Special cleaner for cleaning juicers and citrus juicers.

It´s not possible to send this product outside of EU, Norway, Switzerland and Cyprus.

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Lifelong service free of charge

All service labor needed for the lifetime of the product is free of charge.  Only spare parts need to be purchased.

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Product description

Rated 44 users
  • 3060+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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Sana 707 horizontal juicer

With a classic design and premium accessories, the Sana 707 remains our best-selling juicer.


Stunning design

The Sana 707 was designed to combine functionality into a pleasing design. The end result is beautiful. The soft curves and absence of hard edges really make this juicer stand out in a good way. Every aspect of this juicer is top quality. The materials used in its construction are best in class. The workmanship is superb - everything is manufactured to very fine and precise tolerances. It is obvious when you see this machine first-hand that it is extremely solid and well-built. And it's the only premium juicer available in a wide variety of colors. With 11 designer shades in three series - gloss, pastel, and matte - there is a color for every decor.

Sana juicer EUJ-707 juicing screens

Three juicing screens for the ultimate flexibility

It comes with two types of juicing screens. Most horizontal juicers only have one juicing screen, plus sometimes a blank homogenizing screen. The Sana 707 includes both the standard fine juicing screen which makes very fine, clear juice, as well as a coarse juicing screen which makes a denser juice with more pulp. This coarse screen also allows it to work with softer fruits like berries and pineapple, something other horizontals do not handle. It also includes a homogenizing screen to make things like sorbet, nut butter, baby food, nut milk, pasta, salsa, and much more.

Sana EUJ-707 horizontal juicer containers

Top-quality accessories

Every juicer we've seen comes with plastic juicing bowls and pulp containers. The Sana 707 comes with a heavy-duty glass juice bowl with a custom strainer top, as well as a stainless steel pulp container

707 white assembly side

Simple construction, maintenance, and cleaning

The Sana 707 was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It has few parts, no hard corners or hard-to-reach places. Cleaning the machine after juicing takes only 2-3 minutes - just rinse it under running water, and use the included brush to remove any pulp from the juicing screen.

sana 707_white oilex

Optional oil extractor

Make your own cold-pressed oils from a wide variety of seeds and nuts with the new stainless-steel Sana oil extractor. It was designed from the ground up to work perfectly with the Sana 707 juicer. Click here for more details.

celery-attachment-inside-cap -707

Optional celery insert

The new Sana 707 celery attachment increases yield of celery juice up to 15%, depending on the quality of the celery. It fits inside of the drum cap, creating a tighter seal and allowing for more squeezing pressure. It's an inexpensive and simple way to get more fresh juice out of each stalk of celery. You can see it here.

Main features

  • Slow-speed single-auger system minimizes foam and oxidation
  • 63-rpm quiet operation
  • Commercial-grade 200 watt motor with 10-year warranty
  • Two juicing screens for hard and soft produce
  • Stainless steel pulp container and heavy-duty glass juice bowl
  • Homogenizing screen for nut butters, almond milk, sauces, and more
  • Pasta set for a variety of noodle shapes
  • Wide feeding tube with large produce tray
  • Produced in South Korea
  • BPA-free construction


Sana Products
Country of origin
South Korea
63 RPM
42.0 x 18.7 x 32.0 cm
5.7 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
10/5 years months
Juicing Process
Single auger
Warranty motor/parts (years)
10 / 5
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3D preview

Product rating

Rated 44 users
  • 3060+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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Iit is a great purchase!

  • It works very good en quickly. It is easy to claen for the next use. Unbelievable how much juice I can get from a bowl of greens, vegatables.
  • I haven't discover any cons yet. But I knew what I was buying, it took me few years to decide on this purchase. Thank you.

Amazing machine!!
Looks pretty, Strong motor, Very easy to clean, Superjuice!
Fast delivery, Great service

Great juicer!

  • Great juicer 'Sana juicer 707'. Very quiet, easy to clean and use. Highly recommended.
  • .

Im very satisfied. Sana work perfectly. High recommend. Thank you

Very good juicer for the price.

Been using the machine every day for the last 1,5 month. Mostly for juicing celery, green herbs and apples in the morning. I am done in 20 mins, including washing, cutting, juicing the vegs/fruits and cleaning the machine and kitchen afterwards.

Re-juice the pulp several times to get the most out of it. With celery this works perfect.
Re-use the pulp to make broth and vegetable soups. This is perfect with celery and green herbs.

Insanely fast shipping: 2 days from CzR to the NL but this is probably due to the postal service.
Great company overall, seems involved when contacting them.

  • Fast cleaning, but do it soon after juicing as the pulp will stick when dry.
  • Easy to (de)assemble and store.
  • High quality containers!! (Glass and stainless steel.)
  • Handy cleaning brush, I always use it.
  • Nice design, looks great in my kitchen.
  • Auger wears down quite fast (perhaps due to some sand remains). I wish it was of stronger material.
  • The chute was half broken, where it's attached to the drum. Not sure if it came in broken or that it happened in the first weeks of usage.
  • Bulky machine in the kitchen.

very good

  • overall very satisfied
  • Turn backward for some reason at the beginning of every utilisation even if the right button is on. After few minutes it will change on it's own.

Very quiet, easy to clean and efficient juicer!

  • Quiet and easy to clean and assemble
  • large and bulky accessory in the kitchen

Great, easy to clean.

  • Highly recommend
  • Quiet, easy to clean.
  • Quick delivery.

80% - We are satisfied but have these two points that will determine if the score is higher or lower in time. Value for money I am not sure. It feels expensive but we will see as we have had and have a cheaper product and we will make a direct comparison. We are a bit worried about the service in the future both costs and convenience.

  • Delivery and packing very good. The look of the machine is great. Juicing quality is quite good. The warranty period seems an advantage.
  • It is slower than expected and really is a machine for small use, not a heavy-duty machine that can handle a lot of volume at once. Harder products like beats etc struggles in processing them and you really need to be careful to the point of making them optional.

Its amazing

Super ❤️


  • Works perfectly, pulp is dry, juicing super easy. Juicer comes with super handy book with few recipes. Already tried pasta. Very much recommend!
  • None

After a lot of time spent on the search of the perfect masticating juicer and failing to locate Omega products in the EU, I found Sana. Their documentation was helpful, the whole buying process is a piece of cake and when my juicer arrived, I have been using it a few times a week since then. I am overall very happy and have recommended it to my family/friends who are on the lookout as well.

  • I'm only using one of the screens now for the normal juice so I cannot say how well the other screens work.
  • I love that it does extract the vast majority of water from cucumbers and that it deals nicely with leaves, turmeric, ginger etc.
  • The accessories are plenty, for now, I don't even use the juice sieve etc but it's a great thing to have!
  • All was packaged nicely for transport, the guide is great too.
  • So far I don't have any issues and the cleanup is much better than what I dreaded.
  • I have to say that I watched the videos prior to purchase and can confirm that it's really as easy as it looks.
  • After juicing turmeric, the feeder tube will stain and it's hard to clean but that's expected with something like turmeric.
  • I wish more pieces could be made out of inert material and not plastic, even though it's BPA free, it has other things.

The Juycer and the delivery were OK - 80%

  • The instruction manual could be more exhaustive


  • The juicer is really great. It make even juice from mint leaves and parsley so it is very good. I love it!

Jestem bardzo zadowolona z zakupu mogę w pełni kosztować sok z selera i nie tylko .Super wyciskarka z mieli wszystko na drobne wiórki.Polecam

Juicer is amazing. High recommend. Juice is delicious😋

I love it!Very easy to use and clean up. I am using the Juicer every day and don't have any issues at all.
Highly recommended!


  • 10

Absolutely amazing juicer. Me and my husband are using it every single day and feeling fantastic. I couldn’t recommend enough. It’s worth every penny. I’m telling all my friends about your products.

  • Everything. Simple to use. Quick to set up and very quick to clean. Quality of the juices is amazing.
  • No cons

It is the best juicer. I am very happy.

  • Easy to assembling. Easy to clean.
  • None.

Excellent strongly recommended to everyone *****😀

The best juicer!

  • 5
  • 5

happy with the machine, very good service

I don't regret for buying it. It's perfect and suggest others to buy. Yes, price is quite high, but you can buy cheaper and then be angry on yourself why you spent the money...

Great machine to make juices, nut butters and pastas

  • None found yet

5 Star

  • Absolutely great product, works flawlessly, does everything that the manufacturer states, very high quality, especially for the price. There are many more expensive similar products on the market, however, I believe this juicer is the best. And, it does so many things that I can't call it just Juicer!

mariusz 10


  • Very good quality pressed juice,
  • Quick to break down into parts and what's important very quick to wash!

Excellent juicer, easy to use and wash, best one I have ever had. Thank you


Absolutely amazing juicer, could not be more happy with it . One of the best thing is that it is much much quieter than our previous machine, which means I can make a juice in a morning without waking up the family.

  • Very quiet
  • Nice looking
  • Easy to clean
  • Center piece in our kitchen
  • Quality jug and metal container
  • Dry pulp=less rubbish
  • Good Colour choice
  • None

I love my Sana EUJ-707 Juicer. It is soooooo fast to clean and so easy to use. Makes great juices. After using a centrifugal juicer for 5 years, I'm very happy to switch over.

  • Everything! I really loved watching the videos on your site before I made my decisions. Thank you, they were really helpful!
  • mixing hard and soft veggies in one juice and only using one screen can make juice a bit more pulpy if you don't switch screens.

superb, it's amazing tool and service really good~! Many thanks

  • great service, this was bought as a gift for parents so I did not use it but they are delighted with it and mum said that in comparison to our juicer it's way better

I love omega 707. Making juices is big pleasure.The taste is so great

Good easy to use multifunctional machine. I have used it (so far) for celery, carrot, apple, pear, ginger, lemon, orange juice.

  • Easy to clean;
  • Easy to use;
  • Quiet;
  • Good looking;
  • Stable and seems to have a good heavy-duty motor;
  • Don't have to chop things very small
  • The pulp is a little wet (I was aware of that before buying);

Very good

  • Easy to wash
  • Dry pulp
  • Ordered for Ireland but the plug wasn't for Irish sockets.

Excellent juicer! Quiet! Easy to use and clean!

Perfect device

I chose this juicer after reading so many reviews, watching videos etc. I could say it was the best choise for me. I wanted to have a juicer that gives the best quality juice, is fast to wash, looks good and that has a big feeding chute. Of course all the additional extra qualities are a plus too but so far I have only grinded coffee (whitch goes also super fast). I could say the washing takes less than a minute, juice tastes good and the juicing process is easy and fast.

  • Its quiet, super fast to wash, almost self feeding, looks good, has long warranty, is made by Omega (long experience) in Korea, has many other additional qualities and what is really important too, the parts are totally easy to assamble.
  • The only thing I would so far wish to be even better (bigger) is the feeding chute. However, I know this model has the biggest feeding chute of horizontal juicers on the market so its great. Only the vertical juicers could beat the size of feeding chute. I decided for horizontal juicer because of juice quality, faster washing and space issues.

I've been using the juicer for a couple of weeks actively for sprouted greens, wheat grass, vegetables, carrots, beets, cabbage and apples to mention a few. It has worked perfectly, it's so quiet that I can juice in the early morning hours without waking up the others who are sleeping nearby. Wheat grass does make some sounds due to its challenging structure but the juicer does not struggle with it. Quality seems high and well designed for which I'm satisfied since I have high expectations. I made my juicer choice carefully through investigating thoroughly various models. I also selected Sana Store carefully and chose to order from this supplier rather than the ones in Finland where I live. I was happy with service and the delivery and especially happy for the immediate response I got from Sana Store after I had accepted payment through my credit card. I did feel well served. Also it was very nice that the machine was brought straight home to my hands.

I've had my Sana 707 juicer in chrome for almost 3 years now and use it more than ever. I use it mostly for juicing carrots and spinach, usually with an apple or ginger. I also like to make cashew butter and salsa sometimes. My wife uses it to grind dry herbs. We recently got the oil extractor attachment, and my wife uses it often to make poppy seed oil as a natural makeup remover.

  • Well-built
  • Strong motor
  • Nice design
  • Cashew butter!
  • Easy to clean
  • Great with the oil extractor
  • Quiet
  • Top tray has no rim, so sometimes my spinach falls off.

I was considering a vertical or horizontal juicer for quite a long time and I´m really happy I chose the horizontal one. It seems much more versatile and it´s super easy to clean it after using. Also I plan to buy the oil press attachment in the future. I´m very satisfied with Sana and use it every day. Maybe there could be a bit higher yield with carrots but in general the yield is really good. I had the chance to see a few juicers made in China and the quality of Sana is definitely much better. I like the after sales service and availability of spare parts.

  • good quality
  • nice design
  • long warranty
  • after sales service
  • oil press attachment
  • higher price


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I live in the USA we’re can I buy this item?
Roxanne Rodriguez , 31.8.2021 16:24 1 reply
Unfortunately the Sana 707 is not compatible with US 110v power, and isn't available. The Sana 727 should be available soon in the USA.
Sana Store , 31.8.2021 22:48
I have teh vitamix. I would like to know what is more popular the omega juicer 606 or sana 707 thanks
alisha peart , 9.6.2020 22:41 1 reply
The Sana 707 is much more popular, although functionally they are very similar.
Sana Store , 10.6.2020 10:30
I wanted to buy the Sana 707 extractor and would like to know if you have an instruction booklet available in Italian? How long the warranty lasts is how after-sales service works if you live in Italy but want to buy on your site.
Anna , 14.9.2019 15:41 1 reply
Unfortunately we only have the instruction booklet in English. It's possible EUJuicers Italy has Italian documentation.
The warranty is 5 years for parts and 10 years for the motor. Most warranty issues are handled by mail, and usually just require a part to be sent. In the case of motor repair, the juicer would be sent to our service center in the Czech Republic. We pay for the parts, labor, and return shipping to make sure your juicer is perfect.
Sana Store , 15.9.2019 11:50
do you offer free shipping in EU? Your listing says so, basket however only permits one option and that's DHL €35 service. Which is it then?

Free shipping to continental EU countries
Free shipping to all continental EU countries. For other countries, shipping costs will be shown in the cart.
milan , 30.3.2019 19:05 1 reply
Hi Milan

Shipping on the Sana 707 should be free to all continental EU countries.

To which country did you wish to ship? It's possible our shipping table needs to be updated.

Thank you
Sana Store , 4.4.2019 11:04

Information notice:According to the Act on Registration of Sales, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. The seller is also required to register the sales data online to the Financial Authority. In case of a technical problem, the data must be registered no later than 48 hours after the sale.