Excalibur 4948CDFB food dehydrator

Large dehydrator with drying area of 1,39 m2 (black, digital display, 9 trays, clear door).

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Product description

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Excalibur food dehydrator 4948CDFB

This model is ideal for families with small gardens and a few fruit trees. Excalibur food dehydrator 4948CDFB contains nine large drying trays with a total area of 1,39 m2. Dehydrator is equipped with a 13-cm fan, 600 Watt motor and adjustable thermostat. The case, doors and tray frame are made of very durable and strong polycarbonate, which does not break even under the wheels of a van or hammer blow. All components are manufactured and assembled in the United States unlike some faulty Chinese copies sold under various brands.

Horizontal dehydrator

Horizontal food dehydrator

Unlike cheap dehydrators using stackable trays with a hole in the middle, the Excalibur dehydrators use their unique Parallexx® Horizontal AirFlow system. This means that heat flows from the back horizontally across the trays, ensuring uniform drying results. The BPA-free trays pull out horizontally, like in an oven. You can access any individual tray without unstacking. The motor is protected from any spills, and cleanup is simple. Just remove the bottom tray for easy and fast cleaning.


Digital 48 hour timer

Excalibur dehydrator 4948CDFB offers 48 hour timer for added versatility. After the preset time period elapses, Excalibur will switch off automatically. In this way, you can easily adjust food drying to your daily schedule. Your Excalibur will switch off itself while you sleep or work. No more time-keeping, no more postponements because of other activities preventing you from supervising the drying process. With the timer and in-built safety features, you can switch on the dehydrator and leave for a trip or go out for a nice dinner. The timer allows for drying without supervision.

tray excalibur

Unique trays

Removable trays let you customize drying space for small or large items which is impossible with stacking dehydrators. Bulky items get dry up to 10times faster than in common dehydrators. When drying liquids of mixed fruits and vegetables or yoghurts, you can cover the drying trays with Paraflexx non-stick sheets. Excellent value and great versatility. Dried fruits, vegetables or meat jerky are just the beginning! The Excalibur dehydrator is truly a multi-purpose device. Fruit, vegetable, flowers, bread, yoghurt making and many other goodies for which the use is easy and simple.

Basic characteristics of Excalibur dehydrator

  • Horizontal airflow prevents flavour blending and allows for drying on all trays at once – with no rotation panel needed.
  • Reclining and removable doors save working space and allow for easy maintenance of the dehydrator.
  • Adjustable thermostat allows precision drying.
  • Dishwasher safe trays are equipped with removable sheets – handling and cleaning the trays is simple and easy.
  • Excalibur dehydrators are economic, saving your electricity costs.
  • Fruit and vegetable drying is fast and easy.
  • Fish and other meat dried in four to six hours.
  • Prepares very tasty fruit rolls and cakes.
  • Equipped with a yoghurt-making unit.
  • Saves your food expenses.
  • Does not use preservatives.
  • Removes excessive salt and volume substitutes.



Country of origin
34 x 43 x 48 cm
10,2 kg
Number of trays
9 pcs
Tray area
35,5 x 35,5 cm
Drying area
1,39 m2
Warranty (motor / parts)
60 months
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Product rating

Rated 1 user
  • 170+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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In the few weeks since the Excalibur 4948CDFB has arrived, we have used it for just about everything a dehydrator can do. At this point it has exceeded my expectations, and I am delighted with my purchase. When it arrived, one of the tray liners was the wrong size, but Sana-Store shipped me a replacement quickly.

  • Suitable for all my dehydrating needs.
  • Not too large (even at 9 tray model).
  • Easy to use after reading the manual.
  • LCD screen for timer and temp.
  • Two time/temp options available.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Comes with books that include recipes.
  • Louder than I expected based on reviews.
  • Does not come with any paraflexx sheets, so if you want fruit roll ups (or anything of that nature) you'll need to order them at time of purchase also.


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When will you have Excalibur 4948CDFB food dehydrator on stock again?
Best regards Sólrún
Sólrún Sævarsdóttir , 23.6.2023 17:31 1 reply
We hope to have it back in stock at the end of August.

Model 4926TBCD is identical, except with an analog timer.
Sana Store , 26.6.2023 16:40
Could you please tell me how loud the 4948 model is during use in dBs?
Many thanks indeed.
Brigid Bruce , 5.10.2019 22:14 1 reply

It is approximately 55 dBs.

Best regards
Sana Store , 7.10.2019 09:15
Is the voltage in 220v?
Anna , 10.9.2019 13:59
Dear Sirs,

Can you please let me know what would be the exact shipping weight and dimensions of the dehydrator once packaged in its shipping box?

Also what would be the shipping/delivery time to an address in Rome, Italy, from the date the order is placed and the payment made?

Hussein El-Gueretly , 7.3.2019 21:32 1 reply
Hello Hussein

The shipping weight is 10.5 kg. I cannot give the exact dimensions of the carton, as our dehydrators are kept in a warehouse which in in a different location from our offices. However, the approximate dimensions are 40 x 48 x 53.
Shipping times will vary depending on the courier (UPS, DHL, or TNT), but should arrive within a week of payment confirmation. It ships out from our central warehouse in the Czech Republic.
Sana Store , 8.3.2019 09:30

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