Excalibur 2400 dehydrator

Updated version of Excalibur's compact dehydrator (black, 4 trays)

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Product description

Excalibur 2400 dehydrator

Excalibur quality in a compact size.

Simple use, premium design, and reliability are characteristics of all Excalibur dehydrators. All components are manufactured and assembled in the United States. With the adjustable Hyperwave ™ thermostat and removable trays, you can dehydrate anything! One or all trays may be removed making space for larger items such as whole fruit.

Excalibur horizontal airflow

Horizontal drying

The motor of the Excalibur 2400 dehydrator is placed on the side, which prevents leaking from more juicy items like in dehydrators with motors mounted in the bottom. This prevents the most common problem with cheaper dehydrators: moisture dripping into the motor and causing a short-circuit.  Another advantage lies in the use of sliding trays. Like oven trays, they can be easily removed, making space for more bulky items which is impossible with round stacking dehydrators. Unlike competing dehydrators, the trays are compact, square, and have no hole in the middle which allows more room for food. Rather than being hinged, the doors completely lift off allowing easy access to the trays.


Unique trays

The BPA-free trays slide out individually, letting you customize drying space for small or large items which is impossible with stacking dehydrators. Bulky items get dry up to 10 times faster than in round dehydrators. When drying liquids of mixed fruits and vegetables or yogurts, you can cover the drying trays with Paraflexx non-stick sheets. Dried fruits, vegetables or meat jerky are just the beginning! The Excalibur dehydrator is truly a multi-purpose device. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, bread, yogurt and many other things are possible.

Unique design

  • All electronics are back-mounted to prevent them from a direct contact with spills that could cause damage
  • The adjustable Hyperwave™ thermostat allows precision drying

Quality materials

  • The Excalibur dehydrator produces no harmful fumes like low-quality styrene dehydrators
  • It contains polycarbonate, a natural heat insulator, which is better than single-wall stainless steel
  • It is virtually indestructible - trays won’t crack or break and can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Easy-to-maintain materials will stay attractive for many years


Country of origin
16.5 x 33 x 41 cm
3.2 kg
Number of trays
4 pcs
Tray area
28 x 27,5 cm
Drying area
0,63 m2
Warranty (motor / parts)
60 months
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