Tregren GENIE Indoor Garden (grey)

GENIE is a small and sophisticated hydroponic herb garden designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Product description

GENIE kitchen Garden

The GENIE hydroponic kitchen garden is designed to let you grow a wide variety of plants year-round, from flowers to herbs to veggies. The Active Growing Technology ensures that the different types of plants prosper without extra effort from you and grow up to twice as fast as in a regular pot. The LED lamp ensures ideal lighting conditions for rapid growth.

Tregren Genie hydroponic indoor garden colors

Grow your own greens fast and easily

What is better for a salad or cooking than just-picked herbs and greens? With the GENIE indoor gardening system, anyone can be be a successful gardener. That's because the GENIE system uses an integrated hydroponics system and special lamp to grow plants up to twice as fast as ordinary pots. Simply fill the reservoir with water and nutrients, put in your plants or seed pods, and turn it on. All you need to do is check the water level every 3-5 days, and change the water every three weeks. The pump automatically distributes the optimum amount of nutrients. 

Tregren Genie hydroponic indoor garden detail

Made with care in Finland

The GENIE indoor garden was designed in Finland by Sebastian Jansson. The compact and contemporary design of Genie brings urban hydroponic gardening to every home. Because it is completely self-contained and has integrated lights, it is suitable for any room. Thanks to hydroponic technology, you can fit more plants in a smaller space. The GENIE system can fit up to three 8 cm cm pots at once, or one large 15 cm pot. It is also useful for growing and maintaining store-bought potted herbs at home. These usually die within a few days after purchase, but in our experience they grow and thrive in the GENIE system.

Tregren Genie hydroponic indoor garden blueprint

Hydroponics made easy with Active Growing Technology

Active Growing Technology is based on hydroponic cultivation principles using an integrated pump to distribute a nutrient solution automatically.  It creates the optimal amount of light, nutrition, and water for fast and healthy plant growth. The growing light is height-adjustable and provides 800 lumens in the optimum spectrum for healthy growth, yet only consumes 5.5 watts. Better yet, with the GENIE you can grow plants and herbs in the middle of winter. It's a great way to have fresh herbs year-round, or to start plants in early spring when it is still cold outside.

Tregren Genie hydroponic indoor garden seed pods


With the GENIE system you can use your own plants or seeds, or use the specially designed Seed Pods for added convenience. Seed pods are compressed ecological peat pellets, containing just the right amount of seeds. The peat pellet has a diameter of 5 cm, and when placed in water they expand to a height of 6 cm. Seed Pods are available in a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. 


Plant capacity
Three pots (8 cm)
Reservoir capacity
1 liter
Country of origin
21 x 18 x 44 cm
Warranty (months)
24 months
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Hi how does the pump work? Does it goes auto pilot or do i need to do Anything apart from the batteries? Cheers
Tim Janssen , 4.4.2020 18:50 1 reply

The pump is battery powered, and constantly circulates the water.

Best regards
Sana Store , 4.4.2020 20:05

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