Sana Smart Bread maker (exclusive)

The exclusive model comes with stainless steel pan and kneaders, glass lids, tempeh set, baguette rack and pans, and a multi-thermometer.

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Gloves for cleaning vegetables

Use to remove dirt and loose skin, rinsing and cleaning carrots, parsley root, turnips, and many other vegetables.

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Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.


large LED display
high precision weight sensor
also measures the volume of water and milk
switchable between metric and imperial measurements
auto shutoff
touch controls
zero function to deduct container weight
touch to turn on
Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
two-year warranty

Technical specifications

Max. load capacity: 5 kg
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Color: black
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 19 mm
Weight: 500 g
Material: glass and plastic
Warranty: 2 years
You can download the english manual from www.sanaproducts.com

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Sana Face Mask

Made from heavy duty cotton, the Sana face helps protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne irritants.

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Lifelong service free of charge

All service labor needed for the lifetime of the product is free of charge.  Only spare parts need to be purchased.

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Product description

Rated 4 users
  • 920+ customers purchased
  • 75 % customers recommend
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Sana Smart Bread maker (exclusive)

The Sana Smart Bread Maker is the result of 20 years experience in bread baking. We have developed a multifunction home bread machine which we feel is the best on the market. This isn't just an empty claim – take a look for yourself at all the things you can do. It is available in three models - basic, standard, and exclusive. The machine itself is the same in all three models - the only difference is the included accessories.

Sana Smart Bread Maker baguette pan

Baguette rack and pans included with the Exclusive model

For delicious baguettes, you don’t need to move to France. You can make them yourself with the baguette maker attachment. Included with the “Exclusive” model, the baguette maker includes a rack and four baguette pans. It can also be used as a holder for tempeh bowls, or inverted and used as a base for pans or containers (for example, when making yogurt).

Note: The baguette pan is made from coated aluminum, not stainless steel.

Sana Smart Bread Maker tempeh set

Tempeh set included with the Exclusive model

The Exclusive model comes with a unique stainless steel tempeh pan with special porous lids to allow precise low-temperature fermentation of tempeh.

Sana Smart Bread Maker display

Fully adjustable programs

Fully adjustable programs let you bake bread exactly to your liking. Flour of different grains have very specific characteristics and require different baking and rising times. The Sana Smart Breadmaker has 7 different programs. However, they are are all easily adjustable. By editing and saving them, you can create other new programs. The possibilities are endless.

Sana Smart Bread Maker pcb board

Programmable technology

The Sana Smart Breadmaker has two memory chips and its software can be easily updated. This means you can try different programs and save the ones you use the most. The electronic heart of the bread maker is produced in Europe and is unlike any other bread machine in the world. Being able to choose your own multiple baking and rising times and temperatures gives you complete flexibility.

Sana Smart Bread Maker bread pan stainless steel

Unique stainless steel bread pan and kneaders

The Sana Smart Bread Maker standard model comes with a stainless steel bread pan and stainless steel kneaders. Our bread machine is the only one on the market with a stainless steel pan. The pan includes glass lids which keep moisture in, allow lower baking temperatures, and help keep bread from sticking to the uncoated stainless steel. With stainless steel, you can be sure your bread is baked in the safest manner possible.

Sana Smart Bread Maker kneaders stainless steel

Kneaders and automatic batch processing

Some bread makers offer folding kneaders or automatic adding of seeds or nuts. The Sana Smart Bread Maker offers a much simpler solution: high-speed kneading. With high-speed kneading, the dough for your bread will be ready in three minutes. After that you can immediately remove the kneaders from the dough, instead of after the bread has been baked. Do you like seeds or nuts spread on top of the bread? Just sprinkle them on the dough after you remove the kneaders.

Sana Smart Bread Maker bread

Multiphase rising

Multiphase rising allows you set two separate rising times and temperatures. One benefit of this is that you can easily prepare homemade yeast. This is the best yeast you can possibly have - far better than what you'd get at the store. In addition, you save time and energy because you don’t have to preheat the bread maker or set a delayed start.

Versatility of Sana bread maker

Tempeh and Natto

tempeh cheese

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food known for both its health benefits and its unique walnut-mushroom flavor. It is typically made from soybeans, but can also be made from many other foods such as beans, sunflower seeds, peanuts, peas, rice, and wheat. Previously known mainly among vegetarians and vegans, it is now becoming more widespread and popular. It can be found in most health stores, and is gradually beginning to appear in more mainstream supermarkets. Tempeh is available unflavored, as well as marinated, smoked, and pickled.

Home made yogurt


Have you ever heard of the term “functional” foods? These are food products which, either naturally or artificially, have been enriched with healthy additives. The most widespread functional food in the world is yogurt which naturally contains probiotic bacterial cultures (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium). Because these cultures regulate digestion and help prevent colon cancer, yogurt is considered a superfood which should be eaten daily.

Jam, tea and purees


Most bread machines are able to make jam, but this feature is something most consumers never use. It’s too bad, since it’s so easy to do that most people who’ve tried it never go back to the traditional method of making jam. All you do is put the ingredients into the pan, set the program, start it, and come back later to freshly-prepared jam. The bread maker mixes and cooks the jam for you, and you don’t end up with a stack of dirty pans to clean. This program also can make lard, pig cracklings, jelly, tea, and purees.

Bread Makers

Home made bread


There are many reasons for baking bread at home, but the main ones are that you can use your own choice of ingredients and that homemade bread just tastes so much better than store-bought bread. Home-baked bread won’t have any of the chemicals or additives of store bought bread, and it won’t contain the ground remains of old bread like you can find in store-bought bread. Bread made from sourdough starter, instead of from yeast, has better flavor, aroma, and health benefits.

Meat and fish


The Sana Smart Bread is useful not just for baking bread, but as a substitute for a conventional oven. Meat and fish cooked in the Sana Smart Bread Maker are flavorful and juicy, which can’t always be said when using a conventional oven. By using a glass lid with the Smart Bread Maker, the cooking time is shortened and the meat comes out incredibly moist and delicious.



Amasake is a thick and creamy traditional Japanese dessert made from fermented grains. Popular among those who follow a macrobiotic lifestyle, this creamy dessert can be enjoyed by anyone. It doesn’t contain any refined sugars or sweeteners, but gets its sweet taste from the natural fermentation process which breaks down the complex sugars. When you first taste this healthy dessert, you’ll think that someone has put sugar into it, but it really is natural.

The main features

  • Stainless steel baking pan and kneaders
  • Programmable technology
  • Fully adjustable programs
  • Multiphase rising
  • Low-temperature baking
  • Pasteurization
  • Saves time and energy
  • Simple to use
  • Durable

Note: Because the software and programs are constantly being updated, there is no printed manual included in the box.  Click here to download the latest version of the user manual. If you are searching for specific recipes take a look at the recipe book here.

*** Not compatible with US 110V power ***


Sana Products
Stainless Steel
220-240 volts
Country of origin
EU / China
Material of bread pan / kneaders
stainless steel
Number of programs
Number of kneaders
2 pcs
Temperature range
20 - 230 °C
Bread capacity
500 - 1.700 g
30 x 40 x 22,5 cm
10 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
24 months
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Product rating

Rated 4 users
  • 920+ customers purchased
  • 75 % customers recommend
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I chose the Sana Smart Bread maker purely because it is the only bread maker with a stainless steel pan. I have been determined to stay away from non stick coated cookware, it was very expensive with shipping but I think worth it. I am really liking it. The tip from one of the reviews here about letting it cool down upside down works really well. I was a bit daunted with having to work out programming but think I'm getting the hang of it now. I'm no baker so just trying to keep it simple, however I think the flexibility will be appreciated in the future. I wanted to start making my own bread due to my distrust of ingredients going into bought bread, especially the oil used. I still find it mind boggling there is only 1 company making bread machines with a stainless steel pan, especially as it's not that hard to get out.

  • The biggest pro is the stainless steel pan
  • Programming a bit daunting especially when you are new to baking bread

Looks good, very high quality. Until now i didn't manage to make the leaven and to bake any bread.

  • High quality, good materials.
  • The electronic buttons doesn't work so good. On + the temeprature/weight goes down, and on - goes up.
  • Also a lot of delay on pushing the buttons.

Very good product, bread is very well baked, and received an extra present. 99% perfect.

  • good materials used to make the mashine,
  • can create programs for baking yourself,
  • very good for bread without yeast,
  • economical.
  • didn't notice any problems yet.

Bread Maker offers really nice possibilities of setting but it takes some time to learn how to use it. To be able get the bread from stainless steel pan after baking I have to wait about 30 minutes (it´s necessary to cool bread down). But definitely I like stainless steel bread pan - I have great feeling that I eat really healthy bread. Steam glass lids really keep moisture inside the bread so it´s very tasty.

  • stainless steel bread pan
  • fully adjustable settings
  • versatile using
  • common design
  • more difficult to learn how to use it


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When will this be available in the US? Thank you!
Amelia Lowell , 13.4.2024 22:56 1 reply
The 220v version is available at https://sanausa.com/
Sana Store , 14.4.2024 19:47
What is the material of Baguette rack?
Shalini , 9.2.2023 13:52 1 reply
It is coated aluminum.
Sana Store , 10.2.2023 09:23
Will this be available in the USA at all?
Sandy Martinez , 2.8.2022 02:50 1 reply
We hope a new version will be available next year (2023) for the USA.
Sana Store , 2.8.2022 10:02
hi, when will you release a 110v/60hz unit designed for USA? if not, will this work in 220v/60hz Philippines?
robert sanchez , 23.6.2022 13:02 1 reply
We hope the US version will be available next year. It would work with a plug adaptor in the Philippines. However, we only ship in Europe but some customer have arranged their own shipping.
Sana Store , 23.6.2022 14:19
Can this be used in North America?
julie mccarthy , 15.1.2022 20:59 1 reply
It is only compatible with 220v power. We hope a new version for the USA will be available next year. We hoped it would be available sooner, but the pandemic significantly delayed the project.

Sana Store , 18.1.2022 20:46
Do you ship to the United States?
David Myers , 21.12.2021 19:04 1 reply
We don't ship to the USA at this time from Sana-Store.com.
Sana Store , 21.12.2021 22:47
Was the 120v (US) version ever completed? I kept seeing it being reported in the question section as "next year."
andrew , 18.12.2021 15:20 1 reply
The current version of the bread maker was unable to be converted to US voltage. A new model is in development, but has experienced several delays due to the pandemic and chip shortage. We are hoping it will be available in 2023.
Sana Store , 20.12.2021 10:18
Have you released your bread machine for the US market yet? If so, how does one go about ordering? If not, do you know when it will be ready? Thank you.
Barbara , 13.11.2021 18:13 1 reply
It is still in development, which was delayed by the pandemic and global chip shortage. We are optimistically hoping for late next year.
Sana Store , 15.11.2021 10:32
Can you use this bread maker in the United States?
Stacy , 1.11.2021 03:41 1 reply
The Sana Smart Breadmaker isn't compatible with US 110v 50hz systems. A new model is in development for the US market, and hopefully will be available next year.
Sana Store , 1.11.2021 14:44
Is the plug correct for use in the USA?
Rebecca Dexter , 22.10.2021 12:48 1 reply
No. The Sana bread maker only operates on 220v power and uses a standard EU type-E plug. A US version is in development.
Sana Store , 22.10.2021 13:35
I would love to buy this bread maker!! Thank you for making one out of stainless steel....
However I live in australia
Can you post it to me? Will I be able to plug it in to australian power outlets??

Thank you!! I reeally hope to buy it !!!!
lauren jones , 11.10.2021 08:17 1 reply

We are unable to ship to Australia at this time, as our shipper (TNT/FedEx) suspended economy international shipping for now due to pandemic complications. However, it's possible to choose "personal pick up in warehouse" as the shipping option, and arrange your own shipping.
Sana Store , 11.10.2021 11:20
Like many of the people commenting here I am eagerly awaiting a US compatible version of the Sana Smart Bread Maker with a stainless steel pan. I appreciate the time and effort being put into making a quality product for the 110v market. It will definitely be worth the wait.

Are the baguette pans also stainless steel? If not, do you have plans to make a stainless steel option?
JC Hefren , 25.8.2021 06:27 1 reply
The baguette pans are only available in Teflon. There are no plans for a stainless steel version, as the production costs are quite high.
Sana Store , 25.8.2021 10:07
Can I buy this bread maker living in the USA
Dave Smith , 18.4.2021 21:05 1 reply
The Sana Smart Breadmaker isn't compatible with US 110v 50hz systems. A new model is in development for the US market, and hopefully will be available next year.
Sana Store , 18.4.2021 21:49
Selling stainless steel bread maker with voltage converter. Contact me if you want it.

I ordered a new stainless steel sana smart bread maker (model standard). I was intent on a stainless steel bread maker, but I didn’t see is it has more control features than I need.i was also looking for just a quick 1,2,or 3 button Pre-program quick start. So if anyone wants to buy it, I am selling it as open box, used once. Already comes with very expensive power converter for USA voltage. It’s ready to use.

Juliet Kiss
Juliet , 20.6.2020 16:32 1 reply
Hi Juliet

The Sana smart bread maker is very flexible in it's programming, but the other side of that is a tricky interface with lots of settings. You can program one of the baking programs (programs 1, 2, and 3) according to any recipe and it will stay stored in memory until the next time. We are actually filming a video series showing how to do this, as it isn't readily apparent.
If there is any way I can help, please let me know (dan@sanaproducts.com). If not, I will leave your comment as it is a good value with the power converter.
Kind regards.
Sana Store , 22.6.2020 12:45
I live in the USA and have 110 volts electric what adaptor will I need to use your standard SANA bread maker
Jim fink , 24.4.2020 07:24 1 reply
You would need a 110V - 220V step up voltage transformer. We recommend one with a capacity of 1500 watts, just to be safe.
Sana Store , 24.4.2020 10:06
Will this be available in the US?
Sherry , 12.4.2020 01:44 1 reply
We are currently in the prototype stage of a new model for the US market which we expect to have available next year.

Best regards
Sana Store , 13.4.2020 22:47
Does it have a gluten free option? What is the difference between exclusive and the standard?
Juana , 8.4.2020 17:19 1 reply
The exclusive version includes a tempeh set, baguette pans, and an upgraded thermometer. It also qualifies for free shipping.

There is no dedicated gluten free program, but since you can contraol all parameters of the cycle (baking time and temperature, rising time and temperature) you can set it exactly
Sana Store , 9.4.2020 09:21
Is this available for Romania?
Meme , 29.3.2020 19:48 1 reply
It is available in Romania here: http://www.proaspatmacinat.ro/ro
Sana Store , 31.3.2020 09:48
Hi, do dough baked in this bread maker pan tend to stick to the pan since it’s stainless still and doesn’t come with nonstick coating?
Eunice , 17.3.2020 19:49 1 reply
It's definitley stickier than coated pans. The stickiness is reduced since the Sana bread maker bakes at lower temperatures, uses glass lids which retain moisture, and the loaf is allowed to cool before removing which causes it to pull away from the pan.
However certain types of breads, notably gluten-free and sweet breads, are naturally stickier and a little coconut oil or butter rubed on the pan beforehand can help.
Sana Store , 17.3.2020 21:52
искам да попитам как мога да закупя този продукт? предваритно благодаря!
Илияна Георгиева , 12.3.2020 07:20 1 reply

Sana Store , 13.3.2020 09:46
When will the stainless steel pan bread maker be available in the US?
Cindy Caico , 7.3.2020 18:18 1 reply
Hi Cindy

We hope to have a model available in the US in early 2021.

Best regards
Sana Store , 9.3.2020 14:37
Do you have a 110v stainless basket bread maker? Thanks!
kim , 25.2.2020 16:57 1 reply
Hi Kim

We are working on a 110V 60 Hz model for the US market. We hope it will be available by the end of the year.
Sana Store , 26.2.2020 09:08
Can you bake a good sourdough bread, a good rye bread, and can you set the rising temperature to 70 degrees? Is there a sourdough option to choose? One that allows for a slow rise at a lower temperature of 70 degrees? Are you making a USA version? When will it be ready? Can you use a plug-in converter to convert UK to US with the smart baking machine, do you advise not to?

Thank you.
Janice Osborne, Osborne Electronics USA Radioshack , 31.8.2019 18:35 1 reply
Hello Janice

The Sana bread machine is very flexible, as you can program each phase's time and temperature (2 rising and 3 baking), so sourdough and rye are possible. There is no dedicated sourdough program, but you can set it according to your recipe. Probably the recipe we show in this video would be suitable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgxAXfjLmbc
You can also download the user manual to see all the settings: https://www.sanaproducts.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Sana_breadmaker_en_min_V2.pdf
It will allow a rising as low as 20C, which is about 68 F.
You can use a converter, but we don't advise it as you would need a very heavy duty voltage transformer (we recommend one which can handle 1500 watts), not just a plug converter.
The US model of the Sana bread machine has been a slow process, but we hope to have it available next summer.
Sana Store , 2.9.2019 09:29
I am writing to enquire as to if the Sana Stainless Steel Breadmaker is at all compatible with type J power plugs (That is, Switzerland). Thank you for your time in reading this e-mail, and I look forward to your response.
Taylor Derungs , 7.3.2019 16:11 1 reply
Hi Taylor

The Sana Stainless Steel Breadmaker uses an F plug, so an adaptor would be needed for it to fit into a J-socket.

Take care

Daniel , 8.3.2019 10:33
How does it work with the non stick stainless steel?
What is the technology?
I want to know if I can count on it, does it really do not stick?
Yoela osmo , 2.3.2019 04:47 1 reply
Hi Yoela

There are no coatings on the stainless steel. There are a few factors that help bread not to stick:
1) The Sana Smart Breadmaker cooks at a lower temperature so there is no bread "burning" onto the pan
2) The bread pan has glass lids which keep the bread moister and less sticky.
3) Bread is allowed to completely cool with the lids on after baking. As it cools, it pulls away from the pan, making removal more easy.

However, because there are no coatings used, it will be "stickier" than pans without Teflon. We have had some customers experience bread sticking, but usually it is because they didn't allow the bread to fully cool in the pan before removing it. Also, some recipes are naturally more prone to stick, expecially gluten free.

Thanks for the question
Sana Store , 4.3.2019 10:00

DIANE POFF , 18.2.2019 23:35 1 reply
Hi Diane

Unfortunately the Sana Bread Maker only operates on European voltage. We have had some customers import it into the US, but the shipping is very expensive and a pricey voltage transformer is needed to make it work.
However, we are currently working on a stainless steel breadmaker that will be compatible with US voltage and hope to have it available early next year.

Have a nice day
Sana Store , 19.2.2019 08:58
Hi, I'm wondering if there is any parts containing lead that would be in contact with the food, for example the screws on the bottom of the bread pan?
Gina Evans , 21.10.2018 00:05 1 reply
Hi Gina

The screws on the bottom of the pan are also made from stainless steel to keep everything perfectly hygienic.

Have a nice day
Sana Store , 22.10.2018 09:43
I would like to know if the instructions are in spanish
Pedro Ignacio GONZÁLEZ Camuñas , 17.10.2018 10:44 1 reply
Hello Pedro

Unfortunately the instructions are only available in English. It can be downloaded here: https://www.sanaproducts.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Sana_breadmaker_en_min.pdf
Sana Store , 17.10.2018 16:16
I did not receive an owner’s manual, is there anywhere I can go to read how to use it? I’ve watched all the videos and done what they do to get it started but my machine won’t start...
Yanina Chambi , 8.10.2018 03:17 1 reply
Hello Yanina

We also received your email and replied directly to it. Did you hold the "ON/OFF" button for two seconds to start the machine?

The manual is available online here: https://www.sanaproducts.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Sana_breadmaker_en_min.pdf

Please contact us directly at the email I sent you if you continue to have problems.

Thank you
Sana Store , 8.10.2018 09:46
Do you ship to South Africa?

Candice Erasmus , 27.8.2018 04:50 1 reply
Hello Candice

It's not one of our usual shipping destinations. but we can ship there via TNT courier. Shipping cost is pricey - 110 euros - but European VAT taxes (approx. 70 euros) would be deducted since you live outside of the EU. Keep in mind that it is 230 volts, 50 Hz (same as South Africa, I believe) and uses the European F-plug, so you would need a plug adaptor.

Hope that helps

Sana Store , 27.8.2018 16:22
How can I ship to Singapore? It does not appear in the drop down list.
Tobias Ong , 11.6.2018 12:09 1 reply
Hi Tobias

We have updated the list and Singapore should now be an option.

Thank you
Sana-Store , 11.6.2018 12:34
Will this product ship to USA address after online purchase?
Claire , 24.1.2018 00:48
Can I purchase maker in the USA? How soon till available? Where can I purchase through? Is the stainless steel 18:10, 304 grade steel? What is the country of origin on the steel? Concerned if steel comes from china. Swiss or USA steel has no impurities. Thank you for time to respond.
Rebecca harder , 25.12.2017 20:32 1 reply
Hi Rebecca

The Smart Bread Maker uses SUS 304 stainless steel sourced from China. We don't yet know when it will be available in North America. There has been some difficulty getting a 110-volt model to keep the accurate temperatures required. We are currently evaluating third-party voltage regulators as a short-term solution (which would allow the European models to plug into 110-Volt power sources).
Sana-Store , 3.1.2018 09:40
Hi there,

Is there a program to bake Whole Wheat bread plz?

It's great that you're making Teflon free pans btw.
Teflon can be dangerous, past a certain temperature, because it can give of dangerous fumes. Also when the coating goes off, unhealthy levels of aluminum can leach into the bread.

Am glad I found you.

Thankyou for the great work that you're doing!
Ralf , 3.10.2017 08:17 1 reply
Hello. Thank you for the nice comments. Most studies show that Teflon can be dangerous above 250C, but if the coating is scratched or comes off it can be unhealthy. Our bread maker has a maximum temperature of 230C, and most of our recipes bake at around 150C. But we find most people prefer our bread machine with the stainless steel pans to avoid this altogether.
Regarding a whole wheat setting, the Smart Bread Maker is fully programmable so you can program whatever settings you wish (for kneading time, rising times, temperature, etc.). Personally I find the standard setting (program 1) works fine, although sometimes I will increase the kneading and rising time a bit depending on the type of whole wheat flour. You can find more information in our manual which can be downloaded here: https://www.sanaproducts.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Sana_breadmaker_en_min.pdf
Sana-Store , 3.10.2017 09:16
Hello. I hope this finds you well. The Sana bread maker is the finest one I have found in my long search. Most bread machines available in the United States are full of nonstick coatings to which I strongly object. I love that Sana offers bread makers without nonstick coatings inside.

I am writing today with questions: have you sold bread makers to North American customers before? If so, what kind of support is offered to those customers? A voltage adapter with surge protection would be necessary in order to use the appliance in the USA, right?

Thank you for your time and for your good work.
Miss Chelsea Stevens , 21.9.2017 16:07 1 reply
Hello Miss Stevens
Thank you for writing. I'm surprised a company in the US hasn't yet offered a bread maker with a stainless steel pan.
We haven't yet sold bread makers in the North American market, although we have had many requests to do it. Because of the precise voltage requirements to maintain a level temperature, we don't recommend using it with a voltage regulator.
We are currently planning a small production run of the Sana bread maker for North American voltage, and it should be complete in November. We are currently looking at different distribution options there, since shipping from Europe would be pretty pricey. We will update this on our Facebook page when we know more details.
Take care
Sana-Store , 21.9.2017 16:34
El manual y libro de recetas no lo hay en ESPAÑOL???
Javier San Esteban , 22.8.2017 13:20 1 reply
Hello, unfortunately we have recipe book for Sana bread maker in English only.
Sana-Store.com , 22.8.2017 13:50
I just spoke with the distributor in Austria and they informed me they are no longer selling the sana bread maker.

How can I get the breadmachine in Salzburg Austria?
Yasmin , 19.6.2017 13:56 1 reply
Hello, you can order bread maker on Sana-Store website - delivery to Austria is free of charge and it takes around 3 business days.
Sana-Store.com , 19.6.2017 14:06

Information notice:According to the Act on Registration of Sales, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. The seller is also required to register the sales data online to the Financial Authority. In case of a technical problem, the data must be registered no later than 48 hours after the sale.