Salzburg Max Special grain mill

This Austrian-made grain mill uses hand-made granite milling stones with a 24-year warranty

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Product description

Salzburg Max Special grain mill

The Salzburg Max Special grain mill is ideal for grinding flour at home. The solid beech body hides a 360 W motor, thanks to which the mill is able to grind all types of grains, including corn. Grinding grain just before baking results in fresh flour which doesn't have time to oxidize and thus retains maximum nutrients and taste. The difference in taste will amaze you, whether you bake bread, cake or anything else.

Recommended for:

wheat, rye, barley, mechanically shelled buckwheat, millet, amaranth, chickpeas, spellt, spices, corn, rice, soybeans

Nor recommended for:

seeds containing oil; high moisture-content grain

mlýnek na obilí Max Special

Fast and easy to use

The Max Special grain mill is exceptionally easy to operate. Just turn the machine on and pour grain into the 1000-gram capacity solid wood hopper. Turn the texture knob to adjust the texture of the flour. You can make anything from cracked grains and coarse meal to extra-fine cake flour. With a capacity of 130 grams/minute, you'll have the fresh flour you need in moments. And cleanup is exceptionally simple. Just unscrew the hopper and brush off the stones from time to time, or run some rice or wheat through the mill. You can also remove the hopper and vacuum out any residual powder with a vacuum cleaner.

mlýnek na obilí Max special

Handmade granite grinding stones

Why are Salzburg grain mills more expensive than others? It's because their grinding stones are made of pure natural granite and each individual piece is machined by hand, because it would not be possible to achieve such quality work by machine. During production, the unique pair of stones is tested several times and further adjusted until the grinding results are perfect. Salzburg granite stones have a 24-year warranty.


mlýnek na obilí Max Special

Solid beechwood housing

The motor and the long-lasting stones deserve an equally durable wooden housing. The solid beechwood for the production of the Max Special grain mill is obtained from ecologically managed forests. It is treated with natural beeswax.

Features at a glance

  • Expertly crafted from solid beech wood
  • Easily adjust from coarse to extra-fine flour
  • Produces 130 grams of flour per minute
  • Simple and fast cleaning
  • Powerful engine and basically indestructible grinding stones
  • 12 years warranty on the grain mill and 24 years on the grinding stones
  • Surprisingly quiet operation
  • Made in Austria


90 mm
Hopper volume
1000 g
Grinding capacity
130 g/min
Country of origin
30.5 x 15.6 x 15.6 cm
8 kg
Warranty motor/parts (years)
24 stones / 12 mill
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Two questions: 1) When will the SALZBURG MAX SPECIAL GRAIN MILL be in stock? 2) What is cost of posting the SALZBURG MAX SPECIAL GRAIN MILL to Australia?
Matthew , 8.5.2024 10:15 1 reply
1) We have no production date from the factory. It has been on backorder for a long time, and we anticipate no more production for several months,
2) It's difficult to say without a concrete address, but most likely around 250€.
Sana Store , 8.5.2024 23:03

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