Provac Marinating Set

Two-piece set for Status Provac for quick marination of meats.

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Product description

Marinate meat fast with your Status Provac sealer

Status Provac marinating set 1 (2)

The marinating set for the Status Provac vacuum sealer includes a 2-liter vacuum container with vacuum lid and a connecting tube. Simply put the meat and marinade in the container, close the lid, attach one end of the tube to the lid and the other to the Status Provac 360 vacuum sealer. Press the marinate function and the Provac will go through 5 vacuum and release cycles. Each cycle cause the meat to expand, opening up the pores and filling them with marinade. When the cycle releases, the meat contracts, holding the juices inside. In 20 minutes, you can achieve better marinating results than by soaking meat overnight!


Status Innovations
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Are the containers made of Tritan or some other material?
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Wiesław Borczon
Wieslaw Borczon , 5.8.2020 10:50

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