Dionela FAM1 countertop filter

Two-stage filtration removes impurities and makes great-tasting water

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Product description

Dionela FAM1 countertop filter

Dionela water filters are a quick and cost-effective solution for improving the quality of water in your household for drinking, preparing beverages, and cooking. The countertop version sits in a base next to the sink and has its own spigot, elminiating the need to purchase a separate faucet. The filtration rate of 1.5 liters per minute offers a ready supply of filtered water for immediate use.

Filtrační vložka FAM1
Filtrační vložka FAM1

FAM1 filtration

The FAM1 filtration system uses a two-stage system to effectively purify your water.  The first stage is a textile-based system which removes physical impurities including dirt, sand, rust, and metal pieces from pipes. The second stage uses bacteriostatically treated granular activated carbon to remove dissolved substances including chlorine, radon, heavy metals, organic substances, detergents, and pesticides. It also improves the taste, clarity, and color of water.

The FAM1 filter is suitable for water with nitrate levels up to 50mg/L. For higher nitrate levels, use the Dionela FDN2 filter. If you also want to reduce water hardness, use the Dionela FTK3.


Simple hookup

Connecting the Dionela water filter requires an adaptor (not included) depending on the type of faucet you have:

For sink-mounted faucets:

  • Connect at the end of the tap with this screw on adaptor with lever
  • Connect at the end of the tap with this screw on adaptor with pull tab

For wall-mounted faucets: You can connect the same way as sink-mounted faucets, or you can use a 1/4" adaptor (available at plumbing and hardware stores) depending on the type of wall-mounted sink you have. See photos in gallery which show two different types of wall-mounted sincks and adaptors.


Dionela filtr
Dionela filtr

Long-lasting filter

The Dionela can filter up to 38,000 liters and can last up to two years. To save money, the filter can be sent in for replacement. The internal textile and carbon filters are removed and replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new filter.


  • FAM1 filter cartidge
  • Filter cartridge stand
  • Spigot on filter
  • Silicone connection tubing (1 meter)
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