Get more juice out of your celery

24. February 2023

New celery inserts are available for the Sana 606 and 707 juicers.


Celery has become the most commonly juiced vegetable in the last few years, due to the medical benefits gained from consistent consumption of fresh cold-pressed celery juice.  As Europe's leading producer of premium juciers, Sana has been exploring ways to get the most juice out of each stalk of celery.  While the flagship Sana 727 remains the world's premier celery juicer, new innovations have allowed the Sana 606 and 707 models to increase their celery juice yield.


Celery cap for the Sana 606 juicer

The new Sana 606 celery cap is designed to get the most fresh juice out of celery.  You can get up to 15% more celery juice, depending on the quality of the celery. Simply remove the pulp regulator cap and put on the celery cap. It creates a tighter seal, which squeezes the celery fibers more effectively as they pass out the juicer.  Basically it's an extra squeeze, after the normal juicing process.


Celery insert for the Sana 707 juicer

The new Sana 707 celery attachment increases yield of celery juice up to 15%, depending on the quality of the celery. It fits inside of the drum cap, creating a tighter seal and allowing for more squeezing pressure. It's an inexpensive and simple way to get more fresh juice out of each stalk of celery.

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