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BlendTec Rapid Rinse Station

You can clean any container from a small shot glass to an 8 inch bowl.

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Product description

BlendTec Rapid Rinse Station

This accessory for BlendTec blender brings the most effective way to rinse, dry and store jars the blending industry has ever seen.

The closed valve system prevents water leakage when the water pressure drops. A gentle push on the platform is all it takes to activate the spray nozzle and when activated offers 120° full cone coverage, water immediately covers 70% of the area compared to only 30% in other blender jug cleaners. Made of super-tough polycarbonate plastic, a stainless steel spray nozzle assures trouble-free operation. Four suction feet secures the rinser in the sink. Connection can me made at the tap or you can plumb directly into your water supply.

blendtec rinse station

Save the time!

Save up to 2 minutes between blends and use two thirds less water with Blendtec’s groundbreaking rinsing station (jars not included).

blendtec rapid station

The main benefits

• Accommodates up to 3 jars
• Use as station or just the rinser in the sink
• Use two thirds less water
• Can wash other manufacturers jugs

blendtec rapid station

Perfect for bars or restaurants

Place the jug rinser station wherever you want because employees can now blend and rapidly rinse without taking a single step. Designed to be placed in the most effective location in your store, regardless of where your sink is located. Perfect for rinsing all Blendtec Jars, other manufacturers’ blender jugs and other items from a shot glass up to an eight-inch bowl. The rinser part can be removed to be used as a stand-alone jar rinser but when assembled the station holds the rinser device and 3 jars.

For more information you can check user manual here.


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