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Sana 702 oil extractor (attachment)

Attachment for horizontal juicers lets you make your own cold-pressed oils fast and easily.

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Additional one year of warranty for this product.

Increases the warranty length for parts and motor by one year

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Product description

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Sana 702 oil extractor (attachment)

A truly revolutionary product, the Sana 702 is an attachment for several models of Sana, Omega, and Vidia horizontal juicers. Using the juicer's powerful motor, the heavy-duty stainless steel Sana oil extractor lets you make your own fresh cold-pressed oils at home.

Sana EUJ-702 oil extractor

Make your own oil at home

The Sana oil extractor makes pressing your own oil simple and easy. Just attach the oil extractor to your Sana horizontal juicer, turn on the juicer, and pour your seeds or chopped nuts into the hopper. Almost immediately, oil will begin pouring into the included glass oil pitcher. Make just as much fresh cold-pressed oil as you need.

Sana EUJ-702 oil extractor flax seed

Make oil from a wide variety of seeds and nuts

The Sana oil extractor is designed to extract oil from many different seeds including flax, sesame, sunflower, black cumin, rape, hemp, evening primrose, and poppy. When chopped into small pieces, you can extract oil from nuts as well including pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pecans. And it has a "surprise" feature: processing oat groats will make perfect oatmeal flakes!

Sana EUJ-702 oil extractor assembly

Simple to maintain

The Sana oil extractor is made from heavy-duty food-grade stainless steel. This not only ensures durability and hygiene, but it also makes it easy to clean. It is made from just a few solid parts which can be rinsed in warm water. Note: the locking collar should only be wiped down with a clean cloth.

Sana EUJ-702 oil extractor with EUJ-707 Sana

Works with all Sana horizontal juicers

The Sana oil extractor is designed to work with the following models of horizontal juicers:

Main features

  • Solid food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Presses oil from a wide variety of sources
  • Make oil for flavorings, culinary uses, or natural remedies
  • Low speed processing keeps oil cool - tastier and more nutritious than heat-treated oil
  • Makes fresh oatmeal flakes 
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes glass pitch with metal strainer, rubber glove for easy removal, and cleaning brush
  • Developed and produced in Poland


Sana Products
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel
Country of origin
195 x 165 x 70 cm
2 kg
Warranty motor/parts (years)
2 (auger, seals) / 5 (all other parts)
Juicing Process
Cold press
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Product rating

Rated 3 users
  • 240+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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Very good

  • Very good

Sana oil extractor is like a peace of art. Well machined, industrial quality and easy to use. This is all you need. Simply the best.

  • The best on the market
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excellent, very good

  • solid construction,very quiet,very good craftsmanship.
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Hi. Could i attach the oil press to the 2 Vidia models ? Thanks
Oscar Amador Latorre , 8.10.2023 03:45 1 reply
It will work with the SJ-002. It isn't compatible with the VTG, since that is a twin gear model and uses a different mounting system.
Sana Store , 8.10.2023 14:45
can i extract oil from nigella sativa, rapeseeds, peanuts with the EUJ-702 ?
could you please post a complete list of ingredients from which oil can be extracted with the EUJ-702 ?
Willy Zellinger , 9.3.2022 15:25 1 reply
You can see the full list in the manual: https://www.sanaproducts.com/uploads/media///downloads/6086b205b70c6940761637.pdf
Sana Store , 9.3.2022 15:39
can these machines work on USA electricity??
Robert von , 29.6.2021 09:40 1 reply
These machines are unpowered, as they attach to certain juicers and use the juicer's motor.
You can see the list of juicers in the description.
Kind regards.
Sana Store , 29.6.2021 11:15
Hi i want to purchase the Sanaa juicer. Do u ship to the USA ?
Natasha Morton , 22.6.2021 18:01 1 reply

We cuirrently don't ship to the USA as our products only operate on 110v power. A US model of the Sana 727 will be available int eh USA soon.
Sana Store , 23.6.2021 09:11
Do you no longer ship to the US? I tried to put in USA for shipment location but didn’t see it listed on the country list.
Andrew Phillips , 23.8.2020 05:48 1 reply

Our international shipper (TNT FedEx) recently stopped offering economy international shipping presumably becauseof the Covid situation. Corrently it is too expensive to ship to the US - it costs more than the price of the product - so we don't offer shipping there at this time.
Sana Store , 24.8.2020 10:02
Will the oil extractor work on my SoloStar 3.

Thank you
Mansoor Al Aali , 29.6.2020 22:28 1 reply
It isn't compatible with the Solostar 3.
Sana Store , 30.6.2020 11:08
Will this attachment fit to a Cube model Omega Juicer?
Arthur Jensen , 6.6.2020 19:27 1 reply
No. The juice cube uses a different mounting system.
Sana Store , 8.6.2020 09:22
Is the extractor suitable for olives?. Can I extract olive oil with it ?
Matias Boldt , 28.5.2020 03:46 1 reply
No. Olive oil requires specialized industrial equipment to extract.

Best regards
Sana Store , 28.5.2020 10:02
Do you ship to the United States and if you do, when will this attachment be back in stock and what would be the delivery date to San Francisco, CA?
Margaret Nevins , 12.5.2020 21:09 1 reply
We expect to have it available to ship early next week. Delivery to SanFrancisco is via TNT or UPS and generally takes 7-10 days.
Sana Store , 13.5.2020 10:45
Good evening

Please tell me, does oil extractor is compatible with juicer Omega J8226?
Marek Jaworski , 8.5.2020 20:53 1 reply
Yes it is compatible with it. The 8226 is the same as the 8006.
Sana Store , 11.5.2020 10:12
I would like to purchase
Sana EUJ-702 oil extractor (attachment)
for my OMEGA NC800 purchased in United States.
When I try it says that
"You will receive EU version (F PLUG 230V)".
Will it work with my juicer?
Thank you
Teresa Braeseke , 26.1.2020 12:11 1 reply
Hi Teresa
Yes it will work on your US Omega NC800. The "EU version (F PLUG 230V)" appears automatically on anything shipped to the USA, but wouldn't apply to the oil extractor as it uses the juicer's power.
Sana Store , 29.1.2020 08:43
Im wondering if Sana EUJ-702 oil extractor will work with Omega NC800 HDS - EFS?
Kris , 9.1.2020 03:20 1 reply
I'm unfamiliar with the "EFS" designation. But the Sana oil extractor will fit both the NC800 and NC900 (HDS is just the silver color). So as long as the "EFS" doesn't denote some new locking mechanism, it will fit fine.
Sana Store , 9.1.2020 09:52
Hi there,
I'd like to ask you a question about the sana oil extractor attachment. Is it going to fit my American model of omega J8006HDS juicer. I'm looking for that attachment but I can't find it here in the US.
Please advise,
Urszula Filipek
Urszula Filipek , 19.12.2019 21:36 1 reply
Hi Urszula

We haven't tested compatibility with the new J8006HDS. However, I will say it is not compatible with that model.
The oil extractor is compatible with the Korean-made Omega 8006, but the J8006HDS is a completely different design made in China, and I believe it uses a different attachment system.

Sana Store , 20.12.2019 09:14
Do you know if Sana EUJ-702 Oil Extractor will fit Oscar 900 juicer made by Vitality for Life ?
Best Regards
Pawel , 29.11.2019 20:25 1 reply
Unfortunately not. It fits the following juicers:

Sana EUJ-606
Sana EUJ-707
Omega 8003
Omega 8004
Omega 8005
Omega 8006
Omega NC800
Omega NC900
Vidia SJ002
Sana Store , 2.12.2019 10:46
Hello, can this oil extractor press prickly pear seeds?
Ouday Mahmood , 26.11.2019 17:57 1 reply
It isn't recommended, as prickly pear seeds have a very low oil content compared to most seeds that we recommend.
Sana Store , 27.11.2019 08:50
Is there any way you can ship to usa?
deepa m , 5.11.2019 16:32 1 reply
Yes, you can select the USA as a shipping option. Trans-atlantic shipping is very expensive, but the price of the oil extractor is automatically reduced around 20% due to EU taxes being removed.
Sana Store , 7.11.2019 09:00
My Oil extractor has warranty issues. How can I speak to someone?
I am in need of help as I make my own flax oil for medical dietary needs. I can not do without.
Please inform me how to receive help on my EUJ-702 oil extractor
Sandi , 25.9.2019 16:49 1 reply
Hi Sandi
You did the right thing, leaving a question here and also writing to our email. I wrote back directly to your email address.
Thank you
Sana Store , 26.9.2019 09:56

Can the cold pressers be used to extract hemp seed oil?
Miss , 9.9.2019 15:55 1 reply

You can see it make hemp seel oil here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmHmOCg9lFo
Sana Store , 10.9.2019 10:33
The equipment can be used for grape seed oil extraction?
Thank you for attention paid
Isabel Afonso , 22.7.2019 16:36 1 reply

The Sana oil extractor does not extract oil from grape seeds. Most likely you would need an industrial press to do this (if you don't use the solvent method).

Have a nice day.
Sana Store , 23.7.2019 09:33

We would like to buy an oil press and have seen the EUJ-702 and the CI Oilpresso. We have the EUJ-707 juicer already. I cant find more info onthe CI oilpresso and what it exactly can press so we cant figure out which to buy.
Can the ci oilpresso process oilves? (I saw it on a picture)
We would mainly use the press for Flax seed oil, coconut oil, and if possible olive oil. I would appreciate your personal advice. Greetings, Hanneke Kabic Peters
Hanneke Kabic Peters , 11.7.2019 12:53 1 reply
Hello Hanneke

I saw the same picture from Oilpresso, and it's a little misleading.

Neither machine can process olive oil. Olives go through a different process (crushing the olives into a paste, running them through a centrifuge, separating the oil from the water) that requires industrial machinery. I've seen it done at home by crushing pitted olives into a paste, heating it to release the oil, wrapping the paste in cheesecloth, and then squeezing out the liquid which separates into oil and water.

In terms of comparing the two, I haven't tested the Oilpresso first hand. I have a lot of experience with the Sana oil extractor. However, they both use a very similar system of a stainless steel auger crushing seeds or chopped nuts and forcing the oil through slots.

The Sana definitely works best with seeds. Flaxseeds are no problem at all, as are any high-oil seed like sunflower or hemp. Coconut oil is generated from dehydated coconut, and the results really vary depending on the quality of the coconut. In any case, with either machine, these are best for pressing smaller quantities of oil. They are great for medicinal doses or as flavorings, but a commercial size press is needed if you want to produce large quantities of oil for things like cooking.

I'll send an email with my address in case there is any more information I can provide, based on my experience with the Sana.

Have a nice day
Dan , 11.7.2019 13:35
I want a video clip for doing get oil from any Seeds

Amir London city
Amir.Ahmadi , 29.6.2019 04:08 1 reply
Hi Amir

You can see it getting oil in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKex5v04jc4

Have a nice day
Sana Store , 1.7.2019 10:53
Hello, friends
from youtube we found out that this product ( EUJ-702) made from steel of surgical quality meaning no oil oxidizing during the production. Fortunately for us we have Omega-8004 juicier which is compatible to this attachment, however delivery cost is too much for Canadian customers. Do you have any suggestion to reduce delivery charges?
Eugene Sinev , 3.6.2019 20:57 1 reply
Hi Eugene

We can set up an order as a customer pickup. We can supply the pickup address, and you can arrange your shipping (for example, through UPS). It may be possible to get a better quote based on your address. The central warehouse is in the Czech Republic.
Sana Store , 4.6.2019 09:35
Can this press olives for oil? Thank you.
Janice Osborne, Osborne Electronics USA Radioshack , 24.5.2019 17:29 1 reply
Hi Janice

It's not possible to press olives into oil with this. Most likely you would need a commercial oil press for that.
Sana Store , 29.5.2019 08:56
Would you ship the oil extractor piece to united states?
Smita , 26.3.2019 09:19 1 reply
Yes. You can choose USA as a shipping destination. Trans Atlantic shipping is very expensive, however European VAT taxes will be automatically removed which will help offset some of the freight charges.
Sana Store , 27.3.2019 09:09
I have an Omega NC800S juicer. Will this work with my juicer?
Sandi , 1.3.2019 04:17 1 reply
Hi Sandi

Yes. The Sana Oil Extractor is compatible with the Omega NC800 and NC 900 juicers.

Have a nice day
Sana Store , 1.3.2019 09:08
I will be using a minimum of one cup of flax oil a day with an Omega 800 Can anyone tell me how much flax oil is made from a measure of flax seed?
Sandi Deyo , 1.3.2019 04:07 1 reply
Hi Sandi

The Sana Oil Extractor is designed to produce smaller quantities for medicinal or cooking useage. Eight ounces it a fairly large amount. We don't have the exact yield figures, but please look at this video at the 9:30 mark to get an idea of the ratio of oil to seeds produced.


Have a nice day
Sana Store , 1.3.2019 09:12

I saw a reviewof the 707 juicer, where they said the warrenty is 10 yeas on the motor and 5 years on the ettachment. why is the warrentyhere much shorter?
aya sela , 10.12.2018 16:50 1 reply

The Sana 707 juicer has a 10 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on parts, plus service (labor charges) is free for the lifetime of the juicer.

This Sana 702 oil extractor is an optional attachment for the juicer, and has a different warranty.

Have a nice day
Dan , 11.12.2018 09:26
Does the machine extracts olive oil ?
Aya Sela , 9.12.2018 23:20 1 reply
No - olives go through a different process (crushing the olives into a paste, running them through a centrifuge, separating the oil from the water) that requires industrial machinery. I've seen it done at home by crushing pitted olives into a paste, heating it to release the oil, wrapping the paste in cheesecloth, and then squeezing out the liquid which separates into oil and water.
Daniel , 10.12.2018 09:05
At which temperature this device extracts oils? Is there test or confirmation documents available?

Thanks in advance!
Leila , 28.11.2018 12:58 1 reply
Hi Leila

There isn't any lab documentation regarding the temperature. However, we tested it in one of our videos and found the temperature to be 33C right where it exits from the extractor and 31C in the collection glass. You can see it in this video at the 8:00 mark.


Have a nice day

Sana Store , 28.11.2018 13:18
Hi! Will the Sana Oil Extractor fit onto Omega Twin32S?
Assel Maidanova , 24.11.2018 10:56 1 reply

Unfortunately not. The Omega uses a different drive system that isn't compatible with the oil extractor.

Take care

Sana Store , 26.11.2018 11:51
Can I use the juicer and oil extractor in canada. Our power supply is 110v
Saji thomas , 15.10.2018 13:57 1 reply
Hi Saji

The juicers on our website are designed for EU power at 230 volts. However, the oil extractor is powered by the juicer and requires no independent power supply. It is compatible with Omega juicers models 8004,8006, NC800, and NC900 whioch are available for sale in Canada.
Sana Store , 15.10.2018 14:34
Hi again,

Yes, I have roasted and obtained cocoa nibs and then passed them through both screens but it didn't work.

My inquiry was made after watching the video by Nutrichef cold oil press extractor, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZHIr4kXUYs

Nutrichef machine design seems to be pretty similar to Sana Oil Extractor, therefore I expected to work the same way. Also check price and availability for your reference.

César , 12.9.2018 10:36 1 reply
Hi César

Thank you for sharing your results with me. I've never tried processing cocoa nibs, but it would be very cool if it worked in the Juice Cube.

I hadn't seen the Nutrichef, but it looks like an interesting machine. I'm impressed by the volume of peanuts they process in the video. The Sana oil extractor is smaller, so nuts must first be chopped. It works most effectively with seeds.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention :)

Sana Store , 12.9.2018 11:04

Wondering if the attachment would work for an Omega Cube juice extractor and second, if it would be good to obtain cocoa butter out of cocoa liqueur.


Cesar , 11.9.2018 21:04 1 reply
Hi Cesar

The attachment does not work with the Omega Juice Cube. The Cube uses a different type of mounting system and is incompatible with the oil extractor.
In either case, I wouldn't recommend using the oil extractor to make cocoa butter. The extruding channels are far too narrow and are really designed for oil.
Hopwever, it may be possible to make it with the Cube using both screens. If you have roasted the cocoa beans and removed the nibs, you could try running some through the homogenizing screen to get a finer consistency, then running the resulting paste or liquid through the fine screen. I've never tried it, and it may not work, but it could be worth trying.
If you try it, can you reply here with the result?
Thank you
Sana Store , 12.9.2018 09:13
Why so high price difference between euj 707 and euj 702? Thank you.
karol boraros , 3.9.2018 02:19 1 reply
Hi Karol
The EUJ-707 is a complete juicer, consisting of the motor, auger, housing, screens, etc. The EUJ-702 is just the oil extractor attachment, and requires an EUJ-707 to operate.
You can purchase them together at a discounted price: https://www.sana-store.com/sana-euj-707-juicer-oil-extractor-set-ferrari-red
Sorry if it wasn't clear in the product descriptions.
Have a nice day.
Sana Store , 3.9.2018 10:07
What is the reason why Omega 8005 is not included?
is it because 8005 not having enough power? or shape of the attachment design? I can machine if machining will fix.
Goro Kambara , 24.8.2018 02:47 1 reply
Actually the Omega 8003/8005 have the same locking collar as the 8004/8006, so it will work with those. We will update the list of compatible juicers. Thank you for pointing that out!
Sana Store , 24.8.2018 10:53
Kupil sem vaš izdelek Sana EUJ-702 in me zanima ali je v pritrdilnem delu na notranji strani oljno tesnilo ali ne. V izdelku , ki sem ga dobil tega tesnila ni.
Za Vaš odgovor se Vam najlepše zahvaljujem.
Rajko Štalekar , 6.8.2018 17:58 1 reply
Pozdrav Rajko
V notranjosti ni oljnega tesnila. Ni potrebno.

(Oprosti za moj Google prevod - upam, da je razumljivo)

Imej lep dan
Sana-Store , 7.8.2018 08:57
Do you sell this to the USA?
Kathy O'Neal , 5.8.2018 05:28 1 reply
We don't yet officially sell it in the USA. We can ship there from Europe, and have sent several of them there, but transatlantic shipping is pricey. You can put one in the shopping cart to see the shipping costs. One plus - European VAT taxes of about 20% would be automatically deducted.
Sana-Store , 6.8.2018 09:45
Dear Sirs,

Can the oil extractor attachment be used on a Tribest Solostar 3?

Thank you.
Mansoor H Al A'ali , 22.7.2018 13:26 1 reply

Unfortunately the oil extractor attachment is compatible only with the Sana, Omega, and Vidia horizontal juicers due to the design of the locking collar.

Thank you
Sana-Store , 25.7.2018 11:06
Hello. Could you please let me know where can i buy this attachment in USA.
Thank you!
Silvia Rojas , 13.7.2018 09:32 1 reply

Unfortunately the Sana oil extractor is only available in Europe at this time. It is possible to ship to the USA, but due to the weight and distance it is very expensive. We are hoping to have it available through a USA distributor in the future.

Thank you
Sana-Store , 13.7.2018 09:41
Will this extract olive oil from pitted olives?
Flavia Sparacino , 15.5.2018 04:49 1 reply
No - olives go through a different process (crushing the olives into a paste, running them through a centrifuge, separating the oil from the water) that requires industrial machinery. I've seen it done at home by crushing pitted olives into a paste, heating it to release the oil, wrapping the paste in cheesecloth, and then squeezing out the liquid which separates into oil and water.
Sana-Store , 15.5.2018 13:30
Do you ship internationally
Margaret Hoyte , 2.2.2018 02:50 1 reply
Hello Margaret

Yes we do. After you put an item in your cart, you can select a shipping destination and see shipping charges in the checkout before payment.

Best regards
Sana-Store , 2.2.2018 08:59
Mi pregunta es la siguiente: el prensado en frío sirve par modelo omega Nc902?, gracias
Danistha , 6.1.2018 07:57 1 reply
Hola Danistha
Sí. Funciona con todos los licuadoras de la serie NC de Omega.
Sana-Store , 8.1.2018 09:26
Can this item be shipped to India?
Venkata g , 26.12.2017 16:31 1 reply
Yes. Just select India as the shipping destination and it will show you the shipping cost. Also, the VAT would be automatically discounted off the price.
Sana-Store , 3.1.2018 09:01
Dear sirs I have got Omega 8226 and am interested to buy EUJ 702.
My question is if with Extractor EUJ 702 is possible to extract oil from rosehip seeds . Thank in advance for your kind reply.
Alexander Dvulit , 23.11.2017 17:45

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