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Vidia VTG-001 twin gear juicer (silver)

Compact twin gear juicer. South Korean quality and performance at an affordable price.

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Product description

Vidia VTG-001 twin gear juicer

Juicing has been pushed to another level with the Vidia Twin Gear Juicer. The dual gear triturating action crushes, mixes and squeezes produce to release a rich-colored juice that is also higher in nutrients and minerals. The VTG-001 twin gear juicer crushes, mixes, and squeezes produce to get the highest extraction possible. With an outlet adjusting knob with spring tension, pressure is created in the machine to squeeze out all the juice from the pulp, which means more juice from your produce.

Vidia twin gear new gears

Dual gears give the highest yield

The Vidia VTG-001 uses triturating action when extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Two interlocking gears rotating in opposite directions grind and squeeze the juice out of all types of produce efficiently at a rate of 160 RPM. This process contributes to low levels of oxidation preserving the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins needed by your body.

Vidia twin gear silver assembly

Great for greens and more

The Vidia VTG-001 dual stainless steel and nylon augers crush and squeeze produce down to tiny bits. This technology is great for getting the maximum yield from a wide variety of produce including leafy greens, root vegetables, and hard apples. Dual gear juicers are especially good for traditionally difficult ingredients like wheatgrass.

Vidia twin gear screens detail

Three juicing screens for maximum flexibility

Most juicers come with just one juicing screen. The Vidia VTG-001 includes three screens which opens up a wider range of produce that can be processed. The fine screen is best for hard produce like carrots, beets, and firm apples. The coarse screen has larger holes, creating less pressure for softer or more fibrous produce like pineapple, berries, and peaches. The homogenizing screen doesn't have any holes at all. It allows the juicer to crush and then squeeze together ingredients. It allows you to make things like nut butter, hummus, and frozen fruit sorbet. A pressure adjustment knob allows you to increase or decrease the back pressure, which is useful for getting the most juice without ingredients backing up. 

Main features

  • Twin gears made from stainless steel and nylon
  • High juice yield
  • Fine juicing screen for root vegtables and hard produce
  • Coarse juicing screen for softer produce
  • Homogenizing screen for nut butter, sauces, and sorbets
  • Adjustable pressure control for maximum yield
  • Juice almost anything from carrots and apples to leafy greens
  • Specialist for wheatgrass
  • Includes both a plastic and wooden plunger
  • Produced in South Korea


Vidia Products
Country of origin
South Korea
160 RPM
410 x 310 x 280 cm
8.5 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
60/36 months
Juicing Process
Twin gear
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