Status/Vidia Sous Vide Complete Kit

Value priced kit featuring the Status SVC100 sous vide circulator and the Vidia vacuum sealer.

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Product description

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is French for "under vacuum." It refers to cooking vacuum-sealed foods in water at a very precise temperature. This method is commonly used by professional chefs in expensive restaurants to achieve the best results with meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, and eggs. Slow cooking in vacuum bags seals in the flavor, making it the most tender and juiciest cooking method. Until recently, the only sous vide circulators were expensive commercial devices costing thousands of dollars. Now it is possible to buy units designed for home cooking at very reasonable prices.

What is needed for sous vide cooking?

Since sous vide involves cooking vacuum-sealed foods in water, there are three tools needed:

  • A large pot to hold water (generally anywhere from 6-12 liters)
  • A sous vide circulator to heat and evenly distribute the water 
  • A vacuum sealer 

This kit contains the Status SVC100 sous vide circulator and the Vidia automatic vacuum sealer with scale

vidia vacuum sealer 1

Includes Vidia vacuum sealer

Designed with sous vide cooking in mind, the Vidia vacuum sealer has a special moist setting for meats that ensures the best seal. With a fully automated motorized lid, there is no need to hold down or clamp the lid during sealing. The integrated scale allows you to precisely measure your ingredients before cooking.

SVC100 Sous vide circulator 6

Easy sous vide operation

The SVC100 sous vide circulator uses a simple digital interface to precisely enter the time and temperature needed, depending on the type of food you are cooking. Enter the time and temperature using the rotating scrolling collar, and press the "settings" button to enter it. It will continually display the time remaining and the current temperature of the water, and will beep when cooking is finished. 

SVC100 Sous vide circulator 4

How it do it

The Status SVC100 circulator makes sous vide cooking simple. First, fill a pot with water and attach the circulator to the pot with the attached clamp. Then set the desired time and temperature of the SVC100. It will begin heating and circulating the water. While it's heating, season and vacuum seal whatever food you are cooking, then add them to the pot. That's it! The SVC100 will beep when your food is ready.

Features at a glance: SVC 100 circulator

  • Digital controls
  • Rotating sliding collar to enter time and temperature
  • Temperature accuracy within 0.1°C
  • Gentle pump with pot capacity from 6 - 15 liters
  • Stainless steel construction

Features at a glance: Vidia vacuum sealer

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Motorized lid
  • Integrated scale
  • Moist setting for sous vide cooking
  • Starter kit of vacuum roll and bags included


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