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Sana Supreme Juicer 727 red

Sana's advanced juicer with variable speed for high yield and easy juicing.

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Gloves for cleaning vegetables

Use to remove dirt and loose skin, rinsing and cleaning carrots, parsley root, turnips, and many other vegetables.

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Recipe Book Sana 727

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Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.


large LED display
high precision weight sensor
also measures the volume of water and milk
switchable between metric and imperial measurements
auto shutoff
touch controls
zero function to deduct container weight
touch to turn on
Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
two-year warranty

Technical specifications

Max. load capacity: 5 kg
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Color: black
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 19 mm
Weight: 500 g
Material: glass and plastic
Warranty: 2 years
You can download the english manual from www.sanaproducts.com

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Extended warranty

Additional one year of warranty for this product.

Increases the warranty length for parts and motor by one year

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Sana Face Mask

Made from heavy duty cotton, the Sana face helps protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne irritants.

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Vacuum Jug (1 liter)

For storing freshly squeezed juices.

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Citroclean cleaner 1l

Special cleaner for cleaning juicers and citrus juicers.

It´s not possible to send this product outside of EU, Norway, Switzerland and Cyprus.

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All service labor needed for the lifetime of the product is free of charge.  Only spare parts need to be purchased.

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Product description

Rated 16 users
  • 680+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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Sana 727 Supreme Juicer

Winner of the Red Dot award for outstanding product design.


Advanced BLDC motor

The heart of any juicer is the motor, and the motor in the Sana 727 Supreme is the most advanced that we've seen. Among the advantages of this motor over normal motors are lighter weight, durability, long operating time, quiet operation, and precise variable speed control. This advanced motor also allows nonstop operation, unlike most juicers which can only operate for 15-30 minutes. The motor is positioned vertically, with a durable gearing system to allow horizontal operation in a vertical form factor.


Variable speed juicing

Perhaps the most revolutionary feature of the Sana 727 Supreme is variable speed control. Most slow juicers operate anywhere from 43 rpm to 110 rpm. The Sana 727 offers four speed settings: 40, 65, 90, and 120 rpm. Lower speeds allow more gentle and precise juicing, minimizing foam and oxidation, and are especially good for soft or fibrous produce. Higher speeds are great for low fiber produce with a high liquid content like citrus. High speed is also a big time saver with oil extraction when using the optional oil extractor attachment. It aso the fastest cold-press juicer for celery that we've tested.

_DSC0075 – obnovený

All new juicing system

The Sana 727 Supreme takes the next step forward with a new juicing system. The auger had been made with more widely spaced fins, which allows larger "bites" to be taken from produce and makes juicing easier. Jammed or stuck produce is a thing of the past, as the motor automatically reverses and restarts when a jam is detected. Finally, a rotating stainless steel blade at the pulp outlet gets one final squeeze of juice from the pulp, by cutting it and slighly increasing the pressure in the juicing chamber. The result is the highest yields we have achieved from any horizontal juicer.


One-touch drum removal

Attaching the juicing drum to the motor base has been made simple. Rather than using a clamp system or a locking collar to attach the juicing drum, simply attach it and turn to the left. it will automatically and securely snap into place. Removal is simple too. Just press the unlock button and turn to the right.

screens 3v1

Three screens for flexibility

The Sana 727 Supreme includes three screens. The fine juicing screen gives the highest yield. The coarse juicing screen has less pressure, allowing softer fruits to be juiced. And the homogenizing screen allows you to make nut butters and milks, along with sorbets, baby food, and more. The juicing screens are stainless steel, with a stainless steel wing insert for the clearest, most hygienic juice.


Dual feeding tube

Similar to the Sana 828, the Sana 727 Supreme juicer has a dual feeding tube. In addition to the standard opening for things like carrots and celery, there is a bowl for adding smaller items like berries and cherry tomatoes. We find it especially useful for juicing leafy greens, by feeding them from the bowl and using the pusher. it also has a dust cover to keep the feeding tube clean when not in use.


Juice cap for fast cleaning

The Sana 727 Supreme has a feature normally found only on vertical juicers: a locking juice cap. This allows the juice drum to be carried to the sink after juicing without juice dripping on the counter. It also lets you fill the chamber with water in the sink for faster cleaning. Thoughtful touches like this make this juicer very easy to use and clean.


Bohemian crystal and stainless steel containers

Unlike most juicers which ony include plastic juice and pulp containers, the Sana 727 Supreme has something very special. Sana partnered with the oldest glass factory in Bohemia to design a crystal glass to fit perfectly under the juicer. Each glass is hand-made in the mountains of Bohemia at the Novosad and Son glassworks. With a 500ml capacity and etched with the Sana Supreme logo, this heavy-duty Bohemian crystal is a keepsake itself. It also includes a custom designed stainless steel pulp catcher. Its upswept angle perfectly complements the design cues of the juicer, and the large capacity means less time emptying it. The food grade stainless steel is ideal for those who like to use their pulp for muffins, crackers, and soups.


Optional oil extractor attachment

With the optional oil extractor, the Sana 727 Supreme becomes a cold press oil extractor. Make your own fresh pressed oil at home from a variety of seeds. The high speed motor of the 727 makes pressing oil fast and easy. The heavy duty oil extractor is solidly contructed from stainless steel

Main features

  • Variable speed motor from 40-120 rpm
  • Nonstop operation
  • Automatic jam detection
  • Autoreverse feature to clear jams
  • Two juicing screens with dual stainless steel inserts
  • Blank screen for homogenizing and food processing
  • Bohemian crystal juice glass
  • Extra large stainless steel pulp container
  • Juice flap for easy cleaning
  • Dual feeding tube with dust cover
  • Advanced juicing system for highest yield
  • Compatible with optional Sana oil extractor


Sana Products
Country of origin
South Korea
40-120 RPM
150 Watts
20 x 38 x 39 cm
5 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
120/60 months
Juicing Process
Single auger horizontal
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Product rating

Rated 16 users
  • 680+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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5 ⭐️

  • 5⭐️
  • 5⭐️

I love it


  • Easy to clean. Extracts so much juice that the pulp is pretty dry and therefore makes the most of the produce. When I was making large batches of juice (usually took an hour), it was wonderful that the motor could withstand it! Quality juice and juicer!
  • The only thing that makes a Nama J2 or Hurom H300 a consideration is that they have the hopper on top which saves time on cutting and having to stand there to insert the produce manually. But Sana’s motor and juice extraction is superior!


  • Juice quality
  • Speed
  • Design
  • It being quiet
  • The screen get full too quickly
  • I can't place bigger stuff under the tap
  • It doesn't juice citris fruits amazingly
  • The first little bit of juice goes into the pulp
  • Some auto feeding would be amazing. Like chop chop a funnel and come back in 7 min


Great juicer. Easy to clean and juice tastes better and same amount of f.eks. apples give more juice than in a centrifugal juicer.

  • Easy to clean. The deposit is almost dry. Juice tastes amazing.
  • A bit too plastic in the feeding part. The feeding part.

A supreme quality juicer with probably the best specifications on a market today. Intelligent technology preserving nutrients, practical design for easy handling and cleaning...it's a peace of art.

Great juicer, a slightly lower yield than vertical juicers, but very easy to clean and perfect for juicing leafy greens, including celery. In overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.


  • ****
  • _


  • Easy cleaning, multiple speed, high juice output
  • Cannot really think of one


  • I make my celery juice in a very short time.
  • it is easy cleaning

We are very satisfied with the Sana 727. It was worth the money if it keeps performing like this. It has great yield, and I really like the variable speed. The lower speeds are help with softer fruits and apples. My wife juices early in teh morning, and it's very quiet and doesn't wake up anyone.

After two weeks of juicing, I lost 10 kg. The first week significantly, 7 kg, the next week it leveled off and the decline eased to 3 kg. I have visibly better skin, and overall I feel better. I'm currently going back to a normal diet, but I'm going to continue juicing every day.

We were thinking of buying a Sana 606 or 707, but I'm glad we paid extra for this machine, it's an excellent device. Really perfect construction of the whole juicer. I have never encountered such a premium build in a home appliance. The juicer is also great in terms of design, so it is a nice addition to the kitchen.

  • Great yield
  • Lower speed makes softer fruit juice better
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful glass and stainless steel containers
  • Auto-reverse in case of jamming
  • A second glass would be nice, given the price

I look forward every morning to make my juice!

Fast delivery. Top product. I use it at the moment dayli and it makes fun! Easy to clean.
For me it was the right joice.

Here’s our review.

The shipment arrived to Estonia in 4 days, we got our juicer delivered to our door! It has been very well packed, after opening the first box we have first found the scale - our present, two glass bottles, and the extra bohemian glass has been packed together with the bohemian glass that comes with the juicer.

The first thing we noticed was the box of the Juicer which was very stylish and unusually cut. Everything inside the box was very well organised and packed, every piece had it’s own place and box - it was very professionally done.

Bohemian glass is amazing. Based on the photos and videos with Dan, we were expecting the glass to be thicker and heavier, but it is actually light for its size and thin at the top where you drink from, and we love it like this! At first we bought a second glass to have it as a back up in case the original would break, but now we find that to use them both while juicing is the nicest and most practical way. It can be used for different types of juices, for testing the quality of vegetables/fruits, or just because we want to make more than the glass cup can hold in one go. Now, we are thinking of ordering one more glass to have as a back up! ☺️

The juicer itself was WOW!, such a beauty! The red colour is amazing! It is Ferrari red, and we have never seen such a colour on anything but cars! My mom said it looks like a space-ship! And really it looks magnificent, we call it our new family member! It looks way much better “in person” than on the pictures, what was unexpected because usually everything looks much better on the photo. The retro and modern designs have been combined very nicely. Honestly, we were not overwhelmed by the design when we were choosing the juicer, but when we saw it live, it is perfect, the prettiest little thing in our kitchen, and we appreciate design and beauty very much - no ugly things are allowed to our home! After 25 years of slow juicing the upgrade that was needed on the juicers was on the “looks” and 727 delivers on that.

Now practicality - it is so easy to disassemble it and wash, only takes some effort to dry the plastic tube if you don’t want water stains on it - to keep it look beautiful. The button sometimes gets stuck, it needs to be pressed on a certain angle to click back in it’s place, but it hasn’t happened too often.

Now as for the speeds are concerned, we are usually using number one. We have tested carrot juice on number 1 and 3, and we prefer taste of the juice squeezed on number 1. It is energetically better in our opinion, more subtle, and a very, very tender juice.

One remark for you is that there is no book with recipes nor advice how the juice should be drank. With our previous juicer, vertical Hurom, we have received a book of recipes and instruction on drinking the juice. There was an explanation about isotonic drink (pure juice mixed with water 3:1), hypertonic (pure juice) and hypotonic drink. What would your recommendation be? Also, what we had with Hurom was a booklet on using the juicer for the best yield like an advice in which order the ingredients should be put when making a mixed juice (softer, harder vegetables/fruits and leafy greens)

We are expecting the oil extractor to arrive in about 2 weeks and we are now excited to try it out.

Thank you for coming up with this amazing juicer, it is a life changer!

  • great design combining retro and modern looks
  • high quality glass and stainless steel accessories.
  • variable speed motor
  • quiet

I also considered the Kuvings Evo and the Angel. But I decided on the Sana. So far, I'm very happy with it. I like the speed adjustment, and the auto reverse comes in handy with bigger carrots. It works fast, is easy to clean, and looks good. I look forward to making sorbet this summer.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast cleaning
  • The glass is nice
  • Did very well on spinach
  • Feels very "premium"
  • More expensive than I expected


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Is it available in 220 volts ?
shibi John , 15.2.2022 07:58 1 reply
Yes we only offer the 220 - 240 volt version.
Sana Store , 15.2.2022 12:53
Do you ship to Canada?
Richard , 22.11.2021 17:16 1 reply
Hello. Our juicers are only compatible with 220v power and won't operate in North America. However, I believe SanaUSA offers shipping to Canada via Amazon of the 110v models.
Sana Store , 22.11.2021 19:58
What does it mean optional do I need to pay and if so how much Optional oil extractor attachment? Can you send product to Ukraine how much does it cost
Roy , 26.10.2020 15:12 1 reply

We don't ship to Ukraine, but we can recommend EUJuicers Ukraine. The oil extractor is sold separately, but is also available in a combination package with the 727 at a discounted price.

Sana Store , 26.10.2020 15:54
Good afternoon, I was wondering when this juicer would start shipping to the United States? Thank you for your time.
Skyla Cowan , 3.8.2020 18:04 1 reply
We currently don't have a distributor in the USA, but are hoping to have an arrangement by the end of the year. Unfortunately the pandemic greatly affected our ability to travel to the US and arrange this.
Sana Store , 4.8.2020 09:38
What do i get from ordering this ? There are no "included" Seems there are pasta nozzles for the 707, Will i get that with thisone aswell?
Christian , 10.7.2020 05:05 1 reply
There are no pasta nozzles included, because the rotating blade at the end of the pulp outlet would cut the pasta into small pieces.

Included with the Sana 727 are:
Fine screen
Coarse screen
Blank screen
Bohemian crystal juice glass
Stainless steel pulp container
Cleaning brush
User manual
Sana Store , 10.7.2020 10:01

I encountered your juicers, and I am very interested in purchasing Sana 727 Supreme Juicer and the Oil Extractor.
I reside in the U.S.A, and I noticed your brand does not sell in the U.S.A.
Would you please advise where I can make the purchase, and/or if your brand is intending to launch sales in the U.S.A?

I look forward to hearing from you and greatly appreciate your prompt response.

Saedee Lee , 2.5.2020 06:12 1 reply
We hope to have the Sana 727 in a USA 110V version available this fall.
Best regards
Sana Store , 4.5.2020 10:59
what is the difference between SANA SUPREME JUICER 727 RED
and SANA 707
How much juice from both?
en witch of them two gif the highest quality juices ?
thank you
isabelle , 14.4.2020 14:32 1 reply
The Sana 727 Supreme is a newer design, with several updates such as a variable speed motor (for faster or slower juicing depending on the produce) and a new juicing system.
They are both excellent juicers. The Sana 727 will get approximately 10-15% more juice, due to the design, and depending on the produce.
The quality of the juice should remain the same with both.
Sana Store , 14.4.2020 14:36

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