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Sana Horeca 909 Commercial vertical juicer

Commercial juicer with nonstop capability. Includes free second juicing head.

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Gloves for cleaning vegetables

Use to remove dirt and loose skin, rinsing and cleaning carrots, parsley root, turnips, and many other vegetables.

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Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.


large LED display
high precision weight sensor
also measures the volume of water and milk
switchable between metric and imperial measurements
auto shutoff
touch controls
zero function to deduct container weight
touch to turn on
Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
two-year warranty

Technical specifications

Max. load capacity: 5 kg
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Color: black
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 19 mm
Weight: 500 g
Material: glass and plastic
Warranty: 2 years
You can download the english manual from www.sanaproducts.com

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Sana Face Mask

Made from heavy duty cotton, the Sana face helps protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne irritants.

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Vacuum Jug (1 liter)

For storing freshly squeezed juices.

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Citroclean cleaner 1l

Special cleaner for cleaning juicers and citrus juicers.

It´s not possible to send this product outside of EU, Norway, Switzerland and Cyprus.

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Product description

Rated 2 users
  • 40+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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Sana Horeca 909 Commercial cold-press juicer

The Sana Horeca 909 is the first auger-driven commercial juicer from the European brand Sana. This type of juicer is unique in the commercial market, and has many advantages over the centrifugal juicers that are typically used in juice bars, restaurants, and fitness centers.

Sana Horeca EUJ-909 Commercial vertical juicer top unit

The premium commercial juicer

Unlike centrifugal juicers which can exceed 100 decibels, the 60-rpm operation of the Horeca juicer is very quiet. It’s the first thing you notice when you turn it on. Also, because auger-driven juicers extract more juice from fruits and vegetables than centrifugal models, the Sana Horeca 909 can significantly save money by requiring less produce per liter of juice. Because it operates at a much lower rpm, the juice it produces is of far higher quality than from a centrifugal juicer. There is far less pulp, the taste is sweeter, and the consistency is much smoother with almost no foam. And cold-press juicing means that juice can be stored without oxidation up to 24 hours while remaining fresh.

Sana Horeca EUJ-909 Commercial vertical juicer cucumbers

Juices more than just orange and apples

The Sana Horeca 909 is very versatile and can juice just about any fruit or vegetable.  Apples, pears, citrus, berries, tropical fruits, root vegetables and leafy vegetables are all no problem for this juicer. As with any juicer, using the freshest produce will give the best results. One unique feature of this juicer is the juice cap, which acts as a tap and can be closed during juicing.  This allows you to mix different types of produce together in the juicer, or even add other ingredients such as milk, yogurt, or alcoholic beverages. The juice cap has another benefit: between juicing different fruits (or mixing drinks), you can add water to the juicer and let it run for a few moments, and then open the cap to drain it.  Because the 909 has rubber cleaning blades that continuously clean the strainer, this cleans out the juicer quickly and easily.

Sana Horeca EUJ-909 Commercial vertical juicer cleaning brush

Fast juicing and cleaning

A major requirement of juice bars and restaurants is to be able to make a lot of juice quickly. Despite operating at only 60 rpm, the 909 produces a good volume of juice in a short amount of time. Because it has an extra-large feeding tube (88 mm), cutting and preparing of produce is minimized.  It can even take smaller varieties of apples whole without any preparation. In addition to being able to be quickly rinsed between juicing, when it needs to be cleaned the process is fast and simple.  There are just a few parts that are easily removed from the unit and only need to be rinsed under running water.  The only part that requires any cleaning is the juicing screen, which is quickly scrubbed under running water with the included cleaning brush.

Sana Horeca EUJ-909 Commercial vertical juicer extra juicing head

Two juicing heads included

The Sana Horeca 909 ships with two complete juicing head assemblies. This allows you to switch between two different juices without any cleaning. For example, you can have one juicing head dedicated for leafy greens, and the second for a carrot/apple combination. This really increases the versatility of this juicer. And since the commercial motor is rated for 24-hours continuous use, there is no down time needed.

All screens

Optional screens available for more versatility

With three additional screens (not included), you can do even more with the Sana Horeca. The homogenizing screen crushes ingredients together without extraction, which is perfect for things like fresh peanut butter, ice creams and sorbets, and sauces. The smoothie screen extracts juice but doesn't eject the pulp. It's great for making fruit smoothies, like a strawberry smoothie with almond milk. The coarse screen is similar to the included fine juicing screen, but has larger holes so it is helpful for softer or pulpier produce like pineapple or berries.

Main features

  • Second complete juicing head assembly included 
  • Commercial motor rated for 24-hours continuous use
  • Cold-press juicing - maximum nutrition without foam or oxidation
  • Extra-large whole-fruit feeding tube
  • Integrated cleaning system and included custom cleaning brush
  • Simple assembly
  • Optional screens for smoothies, berries, and sorbets
  • Integrated juice tap for mixing juices and easy cleanup
  • BPA-free
  • Made in South Korea


Sana Products
Metallic grey
Country of origin
South Korea
60 RPM
200 Watts
17.5 x 23.0 x 51.5 cm
9.1 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
24/24 (home) 12/12 (commercial) months
Juicing Process
Single auger
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Product rating

Rated 2 users
  • 40+ customers purchased
  • 100 % customers recommend
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We've been using a high-speed juicer before, but now prefer this Sana juicer. It's a lot quieter and the juice is a lot "cleaner" without foam or separation. For any juices we sell by the bottle, we only use this Sana. The juice from the high-speed juicer ends up with a clear layer and a juice layer.
We still use the fast juicer for orange juice.

  • Much better juice
  • Quiet
  • Easier to clean
  • It comes with two of the top parts, so we can keep juicing while the other one is cleaned
  • Slower
  • More expensive
  • Carrots jam if I feed them too fast

I´m very happy with this juicer. We are big family and all of our members enjoy fresh juices every day. Two juicing heads are great for our purpose - juicer is still ready for use although the second juicing head is under cleaning process.

  • quality
  • capacity
  • easy cleaning
  • higher price


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Hi there,
Does EUJ-909 include the COARSE SCREEN (golden color) by default?
Gabriel , 3.1.2022 11:43 1 reply
By default, the Sana 909 includes the fine screen. The coarse screen (and smoothie and homogenizing screens) are optional.
Sana Store , 3.1.2022 11:45
How many liters of juice can it produce per hour?
Irina Cioclina , 12.3.2020 18:32 1 reply
It really depends on what you're juicing.With something like oranges you'll get many more liters than something like spinach. A mixed recipe should get you a liter in about 4 minutes. This doesn't include prep time of the produce or cleaning time. It should be rinsed out after every liter, and the screen brushed every 15 minutes for best results. However, since it has two juicing head assemblies, one can be cleaned while the other is juicing.
Sana Store , 13.3.2020 09:41
Can you advise wHat the auger in the Sana 909 juicer is made from?
Lesley owen , 11.2.2020 23:11 1 reply
It is made from GE Ultem.
Sana Store , 12.2.2020 08:49
Hi does this unit come in 110v for Canadian homes , can I purchase it in canada .

Aryan vosoug , 24.11.2019 23:51 1 reply
The Sana 909 is only available in 220V and isn't sold in North America. The Kuvings Chef is similar, and should bhe available in Canada on 110V.
Sana Store , 25.11.2019 10:01
Is this NSF certified ?
Drayton Ratcliff , 6.3.2019 21:28 1 reply
Hi Drayton

It is not NSF certified. It is only sold in Europe and is CE certified.

Thank you

Sana Store , 7.3.2019 10:27
Hi there ,

I wanted some information on the horeca EUJ-909 . Does it have any NSF , CE or UL approval , I'm in the stating stage and really like this juicer . By the way I'm from the United states !

Joseph Wicks , 13.10.2018 04:22 1 reply
Hi Joseph

The Horeca EUJ-909 is only designed for the European market and operates on 230 volt power. It has CE certification.

Have a nice day

Sana Store , 15.10.2018 09:25
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a vegan restaurant in Portugal and we are very interested to buy the SANA HORECA EUJ-909 COMMERCIAL VERTICAL JUICER.
The only question we have is if the warranty include Portugal in this case.
Thanks a lot,
João Antunes
Las Vegan , 2.8.2018 21:09 1 reply
Hello João

Sorry for the delayed reply. I have been traveling all week and just returned to the office.

Certainly the warranty is valid throughout the EU.

Have a great day, and wishing you much success with Las Vegan

Sana-Store , 3.8.2018 08:56
Dear Sana Store,
I am interested to purchase the SANA HORECA EUJ-909 for a commercial use.
For the warranty, it´s applied to companies in Portugal if I buy it on this site?
Thanks a lot,
Joao Antunes
Joao Antunes , 30.7.2018 20:17 1 reply
Hello João

Sorry you had to leave two questions. I just returned to the office after a week of business travel.

The Sana Horeca EUJ-909 is covered under warranty throughout the European Union.

Have a great day

Sana-Store , 3.8.2018 08:58

Spare parts

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