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Sana Juicer 808 (white)

Super smooth juice and premium construction make this a great vertical juicer.

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Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.


large LED display
high precision weight sensor
also measures the volume of water and milk
switchable between metric and imperial measurements
auto shutoff
touch controls
zero function to deduct container weight
touch to turn on
Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
two-year warranty

Technical specifications

Max. load capacity: 5 kg
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Color: black
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 19 mm
Weight: 500 g
Material: glass and plastic
Warranty: 2 years
You can download the english manual from

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Extended warranty

Additional one year of warranty for this product.

Increases the warranty length for parts and motor by one year

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Sana Face Mask

Made from heavy duty cotton, the Sana face helps protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne irritants.

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High quality peeler for fruits and vegetables.

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Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush for fruits and vegetables.

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Vacuum Jug (1 liter)

For storing freshly squeezed juices.

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Citroclean cleaner 1l

Special cleaner for cleaning juicers and citrus juicers.

It´s not possible to send this product outside of EU, Norway, Switzerland and Cyprus.

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Lifelong service free of charge

All service labor needed for the lifetime of the product is free of charge.  Only spare parts need to be purchased.

Free shipping to most EU countries

Free shipping to most continental EU countries (Italy excluded). For other countries, shipping costs will be shown in the cart.

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Product description

Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical slow juicer

The Sana EUJ-808 is the second product resulting from the collaboration between the Omega company and Sana Products, following the successful Sana EUJ-707 horizontal juicer. The Sana 808 has several innovative features which make it the best vertical juicer in the market.

Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer auger
Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer auger

The smoothest juice we've tasted

The Sana EUJ-808 operates at only 43 rpm - about half the speed of a typical slow juicer. But extracting juice isn't slow thanks to the new double-bladed auger which presses fruits and vegetables twice during each rotation. The result is amazingly smooth juice with almost no pulp, and the low speed means no oxidation or foam unlike most other juicers. Of all the juicers we have tested, the Sana 808 produces the smoothest, most velvety juice.

Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer white front
Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer white front

Compact and elegant

Designed to appeal to the style-conscious European market, the Sana 808 has a form factor like a premium espresso maker. All details are finished to an extremely high standard, and the unit itself is reassuringly solid. Yet its tall design allows it to take up very little space on a countertop.

Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer white flap
Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer white flap

Premium features

With both a fine juicing screen for firm produce and a coarse juicing screen for softer materials, the Sana 808 is able to process a wide variety of ingredients including carrots and other root vegetables, apples, soft berries, leafy greens, tropical fruits, and herbs. An integrated cleaning system constantly cleans the juicing screen during operation, meaning cleanup is easier and yield is higher. The pulp ejection system is the most advanced in any vertical juicer, which keeps juice smooth. And the integrated juice flap lets you mix juices and lets you fill the juicer with water and let the cleaning system do most of the cleanup work when you're finished.

Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer white
Sana by Omega EUJ-808 vertical juicer white

Lifetime service guarantee

Lifetime service guarantee – all service work for the lifetime of the Sana EUJ-808 is free of charge. If you have any problems with the Sana 808 after the warranty period is over, we will service it free of charge. You only pay for shipping to our service center and any parts needed. We will pay for the labor and shipping back to you.

Main features

  • Slow-speed twin-bladed auger system minimizes foam and oxidation
  • 43-rpm quiet operation
  • High torque motor
  • Advanced pulp ejection system for smooth juice
  • Integrated cleaning system
  • Fine juicing screen for the clearest juice with most produce
  • Coarse juicing screen for soft fruits or pulpier juice
  • Integrated juice tap for mixing juices and easy cleanup
  • BPA-free
  • Made in South Korea


Sana Products
43 RPM
150 Watts
23.6 x 24.0 x 39.8 cm
6.8 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
120/60 months
Juicing Process
Single auger
Country of origin
South Korea
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Hello! Do you deliver to Russia (Rostov Region, Volgodonsk)? What is the cost of shipping?
Nina Kravtsova , 3.1.2020 08:25 1 reply
Unfortunately due to customs and import restrictions, we cannot ship directly to Russia.
However, Sana juicers are available in Russia at Vsesoki:
Sana Store , 3.1.2020 08:58
I have this juicer and I love it, I need a replacement part, can I buy anywhere?
Nancy Ryan , 23.11.2019 21:55 1 reply
Any retailer who sells the Sana 808 should have a full selection of replacement parts. If you purchased the juicer from Sana Store and login with your user name, you automatically receive a discount on replacment parts.
Sana Store , 25.11.2019 09:56
Are you sale in CANADA
Dragan Kraljevski , 25.11.2018 01:03 1 reply
Hi Dragan

We focus on the European market. Omega sells directly in Canada, and the power requirements in Europe and Canada are different (230 volts vs 110 volts).

Thank you

Sana Store , 26.11.2018 11:45

Information notice:According to the Act on Registration of Sales, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. The seller is also required to register the sales data online to the Financial Authority. In case of a technical problem, the data must be registered no later than 48 hours after the sale.