Salzburger Carina Grain Mill

Grain mill from Salzburg with granite grinding stones for the daily preparation of fresh flour.

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Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
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Technical specifications

Max. load capacity: 5 kg
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Color: black
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 19 mm
Weight: 500 g
Material: glass and plastic
Warranty: 2 years
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Product description

Grain Mill Carina

Encased in a solid beechwood cabinet is a powerful set of rotating stones that quickly grinds grain to fresh flour. With the Grain Mill Carina, you can make fresh flour right before baking and be sure your flour is all natural with no preservatives or additives. You will taste the difference in the first loaf of bread you bake.

Salzburger Carina Grain Mill label
Salzburger Carina Grain Mill label

Simple to use

Grain Mill Carina is exceptionally easy to operate. Just turn the machine on and pour grain into the large 600-gram capacity solid wood hopper. Rotating the hopper adjusts the texture of the flour. You can make anything from cracked grains and coarse meal to extra-fine cake flour. With its fast 90 gram per minute output, you'll have the fresh flour you need in moments. And cleanup is exceptionally simple. Just unscrew the hopper and brush off the stones from time to time, or run some rice or wheat through the mill. 

Salzburger Carina Grain Mill millstones
Salzburger Carina Grain Mill millstones

Long-lasting millstones

The Salzburger Carina Grain Mill uses two 90 mm millstones made from natural granite. These millstones have an extremely rough surface, which hardly wears down at all after years of use. They grind coarse grain quickly into fine flour, and are practically indestructible.

Salzburger Carina Grain Mill
Salzburger Carina Grain Mill

Beautiful beech wood construction

The housing of the Salzburger Carina Grain Mill is made from beech wood harvested from environmentally managed forests.  The solid wood construction with finger-jointed corners reflects the wholesome goodness of the grains it processes. 

Salzburger Carina Grain Mill flour
Salzburger Carina Grain Mill flour

Powerful and flexible

Wheat, rye, spelt, oats, barley, millet, brown millet, etc. are all very suitable for milling with Carina – they are all small and fairly soft kernels. Carina does not like hard kernels such as rice, durum wheat, Einkorn, Kamut, amaranth, etc. The same applies to large types of grain, such as soybeans, chickpeas, or even corn. If you are looking for a mill to use for “crushing”? Then we can recommend Carina too, since crushing is no problem for a small mill! The freshly crushed grain for healthy breakfast muesli, for example, is available within seconds.

Features at a glance

  • Expertly crafted from beech wood
  • Easily adjust from coarse to extra-fine flour
  • Produces 220 grams of flour per minute
  • Simple and fast cleaning
  • Powerful motor and practically indestructable millstones
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty and designed for a lifetime of use
  • Surprisingly quiet operation
  • Manufactured in Germany

Click here to view or download the user manual


Salzburger Getreidemühle
Country of origin
75 mm
Hopper volume
600 g
Grinding capacity
90 g/min
6,5 kg
Warranty (years)
10 years
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May I kindly ask how to clean a grain mill thoroughly as I have been gifted a used carina recently.

Thank You.
Nikki , 9.8.2020 02:45 1 reply

The best way to clean it is to run rice through the machine, with the grain mill at the coarsest setting and gradually increasing it to the fine setting. The rice particles are good for gently scrubbing the stones.
Sana Store , 12.8.2020 09:18
I am interested to buy for grinding coffee beans on a daily basis. What is the minimum volume for grinding?
Jean Toh , 8.4.2020 18:16 1 reply
We don't recommend grinding any oily beans or seeds including coffee, as it will coat the grinding stones and make them less abrasive.
Sana Store , 9.4.2020 09:12

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