Oasa glass pitcher with FTK3 anti-hardness filter

Heat-resistant glass pitcher set with heavy-duty water softening filter

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Product description

Oasa glass pitcher with FTK3 anti-hardness filter

The Oasa pitcher is made from high-quality Simax heat-resistant glass. The set includes the pitcher, a water-softening FTK3 filter cartridge, glass tea-making insert, and plastic funnel. You can use the pitcher for fresh drinking water, or use the insert after filtering to make tea or coffee. 


Heavy-duty filter to reduce water hardness

The FTK3 cartridge is designed for areas with exceptionally hard water. This filter will reduce lime scale in coffee and tea pots, and will make better tasting water and hot beverages.  This system is designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants from tap water or safe well water. It makes the best quality drinking water, and is much more cost efficient than bottled water.

The glass construction ensures the highest levels of hygiene, and it looks stylish as well. 

The filtration capacity of the FTK3 ranges from 60 liters - 240 liters, depending on the hardness of the water being filtered.


Eliminate a wide variety of contaminants

In addition to reducing hardness levels, the FTK3 filter removes many contaminants including oil, detergents, agricultural chemicals (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides), organic chlorine compounds (biphenyls, chloroform and other THMs, chlorobenzene, chloreten), aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols and their derivatives), organic contaminants and bacteria, leached metals (iron, aluminum, copper, cadmium, beryllium, lead and other heavy metals), radon, and many other pollutants.

Filtration time is approximately 10-15 minutes per liter.

Included in the box:

  • glass jug
  • plastic funnel
  • FTK3 anti-hardness filter
  • glass strainer for making tea
  • glass cover


Aqua Aurea
Country of origin
Czech Republic
Capacity of jar
1 l
Capacity of filtered water
2 l
The lifetime of filter
60 - 240 l
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