Waldner Biotech Toscana grain mill

Manual grain mill from Waldner Biotech for the daily preparation of wholemeal flour.

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Product description

Grain Mill Toscana

Grain mill Toscana from Waldner Biotech offers enough power for the beginners. Thanks to a powerful grinder and high-quality ball bearing, the crank made of polished stainless steel can be easily turned, the sliding bearing knob is firmly held in the hand. And the funnel, open on two sides, makes the filling very easy.

Grain mill Toscana detail

Fast grinding

In general you are able to process 110 grams of wheat per minute (coarse flour) and 40 grams of wheat per minute (fine flour).

Grain mill Toscana grinding stones

80 mm stones

Natural stones allows you to grind many different seeds in natural way.

The main features

  • Grinding capacity about 50 g of flour per minute for all cereals except corn
  • Housing in solid beech wood
  • Millstone-Diameter: 8 cm cast basalt in Naxos magnesite cement, conical

  • Crank: steel, 11cm
  • Rotating wooden handle Crank with radius 12 cm
  • Setting the fineness with a knob above the funnel


Waldner Biotech
Grinding capacity
600 g/min
22,5 x 23,5 x 23,5 cm
4 kg
Warranty motor/parts (years)
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When it can be purchased again?
Luminita Susanu , 28.1.2024 00:10 1 reply
Unfortunately we have no production date from the factory.
Sana Store , 2.2.2024 09:49

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