Kuvings Juicer C9500 (red)

Vertical juicer with large feeding tube.

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Gloves for cleaning vegetables

Use to remove dirt and loose skin, rinsing and cleaning carrots, parsley root, turnips, and many other vegetables.

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Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.

Sana Digital Kitchen Scale
- large LCD display
- high precision strain gauge sensor
- calendar / clock / alarm clock / thermometer / hygrometer
- measures the volume of water and milk
- two unit systems: g(kg)/lb
- can zero out the weight of the container and allow exact measurements
- overload indicator / low battery

Technical specification
- Max. load capacity: 10 kg
- Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
- Color: white
- Dimensions: 220 x 175 x 19 mm
- Weight: 530 g

- Materal: tempered safety glass
- Warranty: 2 years

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High quality peeler for fruits and vegetables.

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Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush for fruits and vegetables.

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Citroclean cleaner 1l

Special cleaner for cleaning juicers and citrus juicers.

It´s not possible to send this product outside of EU, Norway, Switzerland and Cyprus.

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Product description

Kuvings C9500 (C7000) Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings, the maker of the original wide-mouth juicer, introduces their newest model, the C9500. With a series of important improvements over their previous model, the B6000, Kuvings has raised the bar for juicers.


An even wider feeding tube

Kuvings has made the wide mouth juicer even wider, with a 76 mm wide feeding tube.  A wide feeding tube means less time spent cutting fruits and vegetables. Now you can juice whole peeled oranges and many apples whole. A 240 watt high-torque brushless AC motor powers through even hard produce like beets and carrots. 


Gentle juicing for the best nutrition

The Kuvings C9500 has a newly-designed auger that turns at a gentle 60 rpm. It chews produce into tiny pieces as they travel down the auger, and then presses those tiny pieces against a juicing screen. This separates the pulp from the juice without the oxidation found in higher-speed juicers, keeping all the important vitamins and enzymes. It also means practically foam-free juice. Best of all, cold-pressed juice tastes incredible! Another benefit of the slow but powerful motor is the sound - actually the lack of sound. The motor is so quiet you can juice without disturbing others in the room. 


A great everyday juicer

A juicer that isn't easy to use and clean often ends up stored in a cabinet, rarely used. That's why Kuvings has designed the C9500 to be very user-friendly in both jucing and cleaning. The cap of the juice pour spout not only allows you to mix juices and serve them directly from the juicer, nut it also makes cleaning easier. After juicing, simply close the cap and fill the juicer with water. Let it run for about 30 seconds. The built-in silicon wiping blades remove most of the pulp and produce bits from the juicer. Then just drain the water and rinse off the juicing parts under running water. A specially-designed cyclindrical brush snaps over the juicing screen to make getting the last bits of pulp out fast and easy.

Main features

  • Cold-press juicing system minimizes foam and oxidation
  • 60-rpm quiet operation
  • Powerful 240-watt brushless motor
  • Extra-wide whole-fruit feeding tube
  • Integrated cleaning system
  • Redesigned auger for more efficient and cleaner juicing
  • Integrated juice tap for mixing juices and easy cleanup
  • BPA-free
  • Custom cleaning brushes included
  • Made in South Korea


Country of origin
South Korea
60 RPM
240 Watts
23 x 21 x 45 cm
6.9 kg
Warranty (motor / parts)
36/36 months
Juicing Process
Single auger
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