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Komo Flocman Electric Grain Flaker

Manual flaker helps you to prepare fresh flakes every morning.

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High quality peeler for fruits and vegetables.

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Cleaning brush for fruits and vegetables.

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Product description

Komo Flocman Electric Grain Flaker

The solid beechwood Komo Flocman electric grain flaker is beautiful and functional. Built to last, the Flocman is designed to provide years of reliable service while looking good with its classic design. A quiet motor and high output make this flaker very easy to live with.

Komo Flocman electric flaker
Komo Flocman electric flaker

Quick preparation

Flaking couldn’t be easier. The crushing unit, with its tapered stainless steel rollers, is mounted in a gracefully sculpted housing of solid beechwood. For cleaning, simply remove the mill with one turn of the hand; no tools are required. Includes a ceramic bowl.

Komo Flocman electric flaker oats
Komo Flocman electric flaker oats

Quality beech wood

The FlocMan delivers 80-100 g of perfectly fresh grain flakes per minute, and hardly makes a peep. Suitable for all types of grain except corn and crushing oil seeds (such as poppy, flax and spices).

Komo Flocman electric flaker rollers
Komo Flocman electric flaker rollers

Flaking mechanism

Two stainless steel rollers are nickel free - it guarantees healthy nutrition. Flaker has been developed in consideration of ecological principle.


Hopper volume
600 g
Grinding capacity
100 g/min
Country of origin
32 x 15 x 29 cm
6,2 kg
Warranty (months)
60 months
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Is it wired for US 110?
Mary Ann Kirch , 29.11.2022 04:42 1 reply
No, this is wired for EU 220V 50Hz.
Sana Store , 29.11.2022 07:59
It is very nice machine, however, I have the following questions
Dose it require a special type of wheat made to be used for such a machine?
Or dose wheat require special preparation before using this machine?
Khalid , 10.10.2018 19:06 1 reply
Oats are a naturally soft grain and more of our customers roll oats than any other grain in their FlocMan—but many other grains including wheat, rye, barley and millet can be flaked too, with a little preparation. These grains are normally dry and hard. To soften them, hold them under running water briefly in a strainer. Then spread the grains on a cloth or towel to let them dry over night or for at least 3-4 hours. This time will vary depending on the grain used, but a little experimentation will help optimize the process. The softened grain will flatten nicely into flakes, similar to commercially available rolled oats. At the same time this contact with water starts an enzymatic process which makes it easier for your metabolism to assimilate the minerals in the grain.
Sana Store , 11.10.2018 09:59

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