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Jasna hydraulic juice press

Jasna hydraulic juice press

Classic hydraulic-assisted manual press for the clearest juice

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Product description

Jasna hydraulic juice press

JASNA juicer is a mechanical hand press that uses pressure to squeeze juice from pre-crushed produce. Fruits and vegetables are first run through a single-auger juicer with homogenizing screen (for example a Sana 707) and then pressed under high pressure (up to 2 tons) in the JASNA press.

Jasna hydraulic juice press plus bags
Jasna hydraulic juice press plus bags

The best way to get pulp-free juice

Juice presses are the best way to get the clearest juice, since 100% of the pulp stays in the filter bag. This is not only the smoothest juice, but is important for medical treatments such as the Gerson therapy. The Jasna is a low-cost alternative to the expensive combination cutting/pressing machines like the Norwalk. With the Jasna, you use your existing single-auger juicer or food processor to chop produce into pulp. Then simply place the pre-chopped pulp into the filter cloth and place inside the juicer. Pump the hydraulic arm up and down several times and watch the pulp free juice trickle out of the outlet pipe, into your glass or bowl. Then, to release, remove the handle and lower the tray.

Jasna hydraulic juice press
Jasna hydraulic juice press

Industrial-quality construction

The sturdy stainless steel frame is robust and can handle a lifetime of use while the rubber feet make an effective non-slip surface, giving you plenty of traction throughout the process. The stainless steel juicing tray is easy to clean and wipes clean ready for your next juice in no time at all. We recommend boiling the filter cloth after use to sterilize it. 

Main features

  • Commercial-quality stainless steel construction
  • Pulp-free juice
  • Hydraulic assist pump
  • Rubber feet for traction
  • Produces the absolute clearest juice
  • Made in Europe
  • NOTE: Juicer or food processor needed to prepare pulp from produce


Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Country of origin
Czech Republic
370 x 220 x 270 cm
Warranty (months)
24 months
Juicing Process
Hydraulic press
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How about a model that can do 20-30 ton press?
Derrick Robinson , 30.1.2021 00:00
Hi there,

I am interested in removing water from a moist mass with a particle size in the regions of 100 to 700um.

The focus is on the mass itself, not the water. Will the mesh size and your machine function for this process?
Namely I would like to increase the dry matter from around 10% in the slurry to 25%

Many thanks
Mike , 12.8.2019 11:50 1 reply
Hello Mike

Definitely the Jasna press wouldn't be suited or guaranteed for this type of processing.

Best regards

Sana Store , 12.8.2019 13:03

Could you please tell me where can I buy parts for tihis press? (lower and upper tray?)

borut , 11.11.2018 17:13 1 reply

We contacted the factory, and only the lower tray is replaceable. The upper tray is integrated into the unit itself. If you are interested in just the lower tray, let us know and we'll find out more information.

Thank you
Sana Store , 12.11.2018 09:53

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