Excalibur EZDRY pet treat dehydrator EPD62W

6-tray stackable dehydrator from Excalibur to make the healthiest treats for your pet. Also good for drying fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, flowers, and more.

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Product description

Excalibur EPD62W dehydrator

The Excallibur EPD62W is a compact dehydrator designed especially to make healthy pet treats for your dog or cat. Instead of feeding your pet food full of chemicals and questionable ingredients, treat them with delicious healthy food from your own kitchen. It's super easy with the Excalibur EZDRY compact dehydrator.


Not just for your pet.

The Excalibur EZDRY dehydrator is deigned to make not only pet treats, but dried fruit and vegetables, fruit leather, dried herbs, nuts, even yogurt and cheese. You can even recrisp crackers and cookies that have become soft.


Easy to use

The Excalibur EPD62W is the perfect snack-sized dehydrator. Compact and simple to use, the 6 trays stack neatly and have plenty of room. Airflow is directed from the center outward to ensure uniform drying. The traditional Excalibur cube shape means there is more space for drying compared to circular dehydrators.

complete pet dehydrator set

Optional jerky gun for perfect treats

With the optional jerky gun, you can make dog biscuits and cat treats in a variety of shapes. Just fill the gun with the mix from your favorite recipe, and shoot out strips or tubes. It also includes 4 cutters to make fun shapes for your pet. You can even make treats for your bunny, bird, or horse.

Dog treat recipes

dog recipe

Cat treat recipes

cat treat recipes excalibur ECT dehydrator


26 x 22 x 30 cm
Number of trays
6 pcs
Tray area
26 x 21 cm
Warranty (motor / parts)
24 months
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