Drip tray for Status vacuum containers

Drip tray with separators for Status 3 liter and 4.5 liter vacuum containers

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Product description

Drip tray for Status vacuum containers

Vacuum storage is the best way to keep food frash for the maximum time period. But what if you want to mix different types of food in one container? The drip tray allows food to stay fresh and dry, and allows you to divide different types of food within the same container.

Vakuová nádoba Status, tritan 3,0 l

Drip tray

Storeing food in the fridge in a vacuum container eliminates the two biggest causes of food spoilage - warm temperatures and oxygen. The drip tray further increases the shelf-life of stored food, as any liquids and juices will drain below the food.  All the food in the container is kept dry and even better-protected from spoiling.


Status rozdělovací vložka

Food separation

The dual dividers allow you to separate a 3 or 4.5 liter vacuum food container into two or three sections. Store different foods at once, such as bread, salami, and cheese or arugula, tomatoes, and onions, without touching or contaminating each other. There are an infinite number of possibilities to put in one container, because not only is the food kept separate, but the vacuum prevents the flavors from spreading to each other.

The drip tray fits the following containers:


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