Christmas gift ideas from Sana Store

30. November 2021

Instead of giving a gift which will be forgotten in a few weeks, why not give a gift which will be appreciated all year round? The gift of health with a juicer or grain mill from Sana Products.

727 green juice
odšťavňovač sana 707

Sana horizonal juicers

A premium juicer is a great idea. Its a gift of health which will last for years.  But which one to choose? Here's what to look for:

  • a juicer which can juice everything effectively - including fruits, hard root evgetables, and leafy greens
  • a juicer which makes dense, nutrient-rich juice without foam or oxidation
  • a juicer which can be cleaned in less than two minutes
  • a juicer which will last for years
  • a juicer with a long warranty and readily available spare parts
  • a juicer with the flexibility to make more than just juice, including things like nut milk, baby food, and sorbet

All of our three Sana horizontal juicers meets these requirements. 

Sana 606: A true workhorse of a juicer, the 606 is designed for heavy-duty use day in, day out.

Sana 707: Our iconic and stylish best-seller, which includes a coarse juicing screen for the best results with soft fruit.

Sana 727 Supreme: Our newest juicer is a technological tour-de-force. The variable speed motor and new juicing system gets the highest juice yield of any horizontal juicer we've tested.

And all of our Sana horizontal juicers are compatible with the optional Sana oil extractor attachment, allowing you to make cold press oil at home from a wide variety of seeds.

EUJ-828 black

The Sana 828 vertical juicer - an elegant solution for just juice

Horizontal juicers are a great solution for most produce.  But if you plan to mainly make fruit juice, a vertical juicer like the Sana 828 might be a better solution.  Here's why:

  • The Sana 828 juices most produce well, but is especially good with softer fruits.
  • The tall and compact form factor makes it a better fit in kitchens with limited space.
  • Pushing of produce is generally not needed, as vertical juicers are fed by gravity.
  • The Sana 828 includes threee screens: a fine screen for harder produce, a coarse screen for softer produce, and a sorbet screen for delicious frozen treats.
  • The low speed 43-rpm motor gently presses produce to eliminate oxidation and foam.
mletí mouky

Sana's own grain mill

The Sana Grain Mill lets you make your own fresh flour in minutes. It's super easy to do - just pour your favorite grain including wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and rice into the hopper and watch freshly milled flour come out the spout.

  • The Sana Grain Mill uses the same time-tested technology as ancient grain mills. Grain is crushed between two milling stones, just like in old water-driven mills.
  • The Sana Grain Mill is maintenance free. No cleaning is necessary after use.  Just run some rice through it every few months to keep the stones coarse.
  • Not only is the grain mill functional, it's also beautiful and something that looks good on a kitchen counter. Made in Germany from natural beech wood, it is designed to last a lifetime.
  • Freshly milled flour is much healthier than store-bought flour, which has typically been chemically treated to give it a longer shelf life.
  • For the best bread, use the freshly ground flour in our Sana Smart Breadmaker - the only bread maker in the world that uses an uncoated stainless steel pan instead of Teflon.

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