Alkamedi AMS 4100S water ionizer

Elegant water ionizer from Alkamedi. An easy way to get alkaline water into your system.

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Product description

Alkamedi water ionizer AMS 4100

The Alkamedi AMS 4100 ionizer produces alkaline, filtered, or acidic water. Alkamedi uses proprietry technology and has a patented cleaning system which changes the polarity of the electrodes after each use to prevent coating of the plates. The AMS 4100 is a very user-friendly device that installs easily and is simple to use. It can be connected to a tap or directly to the water lines. All the necessary accessories to connect it are included.

Alkamedi Water Ionizer AMS 4100S
Alkamedi Water Ionizer AMS 4100S

Elegant design with simple back-lit buttons.

A large rotating dial controls water flow into the unit. Choose acidic, alkaline, or just purified water at the touch of a button.

alkamedi ph levels
alkamedi ph levels

7 pH levels from 3,8 to 10 pH

Choose the desired pH level by pressing the alkaline or acidic buttons. The LCD background color changes to one of 7 colors for each pH level.

Alkamedi Water Ionizer AMS 4100S display
Alkamedi Water Ionizer AMS 4100S display

Large multi-function display

The large back-lit LCD display shows a variety of information including pH level, water temperature, water inflow presure, and remaining filter life.

filter alkamedi
filter alkamedi

Easy-to-replace filter for the cleanest water

  • Approximately 6-10 months between filter changes
  • Display shows remaining filter life
  • Easy to replace - just clicks into place

Other features

Self-diagnosis System
- Operation stops when inflow rate is too low.
- Operation stops when water temperature is too high.
- Original filter self-recognition function.
- Sensors constantly monitor the status of the ionizer.

Voice and Melody Function
- Voice indicates pH level.
- Melody plays if water is too acid to drink.

Platinum & Titanium Electrode Plates and Watercell Diaphragm
- 5 electrode plates and 4 diaphragms.

Automatic Drainage Function
- After operation, any remaining water is automatically removed.

Continuous Ionization Possible for Alkaline or Acidic Water
- Continuous flow of alkaline or acidic water without interruption.
- Electrode polarity and water flow direction is automatically alternated during continuous operation.
- Ionic scale formation is prevented even during continuous operation.

Input DC Voltage Adjustment Function
- Allows you to increase or decrease ORP and alkalinity at each pH level.
- Lets you adjust for hard water conditions.

Alkaline Water Level Memory
- Machine remembers the last pH setting after power has been turned off.


Country of origin
Electrolysis strength
7 levels
Number of electrodes
7 electrodes
The lifetime of filter
3600 l
pH range
3,8 - 10
34,5 x 24 x 15 cm
5,9 kg
Warranty (months)
24 months
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Find the filter for water ionizer platinum
Des Baby , 30.11.2020 15:53 1 reply
We currently our waiting for our next shipment, but have no confirmation of its arrival. We hope in January.
Sana Store , 1.12.2020 09:36
Can I buy this item Alkamedy 4100 in USA? And hi worked hear?
Roman , 28.4.2020 01:31 1 reply

The 4100S we offer only operates on EU 220V power supplies, so it wouldn't function in the USA.

You can contact Alkamedi directly to see if they have a US distributor:
Sana Store , 28.4.2020 11:19

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